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Oklahoma State University

Meaning and Description

  • The Colorado memorial is dedicated to ten members of the Oklahoma State University family who lost their lives in a plane crash near Strasburg, Colorado on January 27, 2001.
  • The memorial is located about 25 miles east of Denver near Interstate 70 and about three and one-half miles from Strasburg. It sits on about one-twentieth of an acre of land in Adams County, a little more than one-half mile north of 15th Avenue on the Bradbury-Krebs County Road. The property on which the memorial site is located is owned by Comanche Livestock Company, whose principal owners are Strasburg residents Daryl and Bette Haerther. They have deeded the memorial site to OSU for its perpetual care.
  • The memorial site measures approximately 40 feet (north and south) by 50 feet (east and west) and is covered by a concrete cap that has been prepared to look like natural flagstone. The site will be bordered on three sides by a black wrought iron fence, with the fourth side on the east open to visitors.
  • The major element of the site is a decagon (a 10-sided polygon) that is 20 feet across and is designed so that each of the victims has a one-tenth portion of the memorial.
  • The center of the decagon has a depiction of the OSU Spirit Rider, bordered by 10 stars, with each star commemorating one of the victims.
  • There are four concentric bands of granite dedicated to each victim, and moving outward from the center of the memorial.
  • The first band is black Italian granite with high quality representation of photos of the ten victims. The photos were provided by the families and are their favorite photos of their loved ones.
  • The second band is a separation band consisting of Oklahoma granite.
  • The third band is another black Italian granite band featuring a simple narrative that has been provided by the family in memory of their loved one.
  • The final band is a larger Oklahoma granite band that completes the 20-foot diameter memorial. It has two arrows. One points to the crash site 1,032 feet to the west. The other points to Stillwater, Oklahoma, which is 465 miles away.
  • The entrance to the memorial on the east side will have a simple inlaid Oklahoma granite tablet measuring three feet (east and west) by six feet (north and south). A simple inscription will introduce the visitor to the purpose of the memorial and serve as a record of the incident.
  • On the west side of the memorial are:
    • Three inlaid Oklahoma granite markers measuring two and one-half feet (east and west) by three feet (north and south), acknowledging the various supporters and friends who assisted OSU during the early hours after the crash.
    • A tree at both the southwest and northwest corners of the memorial site.
    • A granite bench between the two trees that will provide an opportunity for the visitor to pause and reflect.