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Oklahoma State University

Spirit Rider

Spirit Rider StatueThe Spirit Rider Statue is a symbol of pride that stands as a tribute to the Spirit Rider who rallies fans on football game days and to the spirit of the Old West on which OSU was founded. Sculpted by world-renowned American West artist Jim Hamilton, the piece was commissioned by the OSU Foundation and installed on campus in 1994.

The Spirit Rider became the unofficial emblem of Oklahoma State following the January 2001 plane crash claiming the lives of 10 cowboys affiliated with the men's basketball program. Flowers, cards, thoughts and prayers surrounded this strong symbol of campus, bringing the OSU family even closer together. The strength and spirit of the university were celebrated nationwide in March of 2004 when the Spirit Rider served as a backdrop for the launching of ESPNU. The Spirit Rider is a visual testament of the traditions, history andheart of the cowboy; loyal and true.