OSU E-mail

Oklahoma State University is partnering with Microsoft Live@edu and Google Mail to allow students to keep their @okstate.edu e-mail account even after they graduate. Moving to Cowboy Mail (Microsoft) or Orange Mail (Google) will allow students to keep their e-mail account for life. OSU worked with the two e-mail service providers to give students the flexibility of choosing the e-mail system that is right for them and their coursework. Students will be able to choose one system to have their @okstate.edu e-mail delivered to, but they will have access to both systems’ e-mail services. The following is more information about Cowboy Mail and Orange Mail.

To sign up for Cowboy Mail or Orange Mail, which both give you greater storage space, you must create an account by the end of the current semester.  To sign up, go to https://okey.okstate.edu and login, click on E-mail Destination on the left menu and choose your e-mail option.  Support and frequently asked questions for changing over to Orange Mail or Cowboy Mail can be found at http://it.okstate.edu/rc.

Attention New Students

In order to access student e-mail, your Orange Key account will need to be activated. Orange Key (O-Key) is OSU’s Identity Management System. By activating your O-Key account, you are able to obtain your OSU username, password, email address and more. In addition, O-Key profiles store emergency contact information (to be used in the event of a campus emergency, sent via email or text), confidential contact information (to be used by OSU Police Department in the event that you are considered a missing person), and authorization to send password reset tokens to either your alternate email address or cell phone. OSU community members are able to activate from any internet-accessible computer. Please read these details on creating an O-Key account.

Email can be accessed through one of the following platforms

Cowboy Mail is one of two e-mail services for OSU students and is hosted by Microsoft Live@edu. Cowboy Mail allows users to maintain their @okstate.edu e-mail account for life. It also allows for greater flexibility, online file storage via SkyDrive (25 GB of space) and increased e-mail storage capacity (50 GB).

Orange Mail is another e-mail service for OSU students and is hosted by Google Mail. Orange Mail also allows users to maintain their @okstate.edu e-mail account for life. Orange Mail allows students a maximum of 25 GB of mailbox space and an unlimited amount of space for Google app documents (1 GB of space for non-Google app documents).

The OSU Exchange Mail system is the platform used by OSU faculty and staff only. There are a variety of ways to access for OSU Exchange mailbox. The Outlook client is available for installation on business workstations. Outlook Web Access (http://mail.okstate.edu) is available from a web browser. Entourage is available for Mac workstations. An authenticated SMTP server is available for our IMAP users. IT provides employees with 500 Mb and OSU-Stillwater faculty with 2 GB of disk space.