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Oklahoma State University

OSU Alumni Center receives first Energy Leadership Award

Tue, July 25, 2017
ConocoPhillips Alumni Center
The ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center is the first facility to receive Oklahoma State University’s Energy Leadership Award, it was announced Friday.
The Alumni Center has been participating in OSU’s Energy Management Program for more than ten years. Over the past four years, extra measures have been taken to curtail energy use, including the installation of new heating and air conditioning software and energy-saving light fixtures.
In early 2017, the Alumni Center began a pilot program with the Energy Management Program to develop a culture of energy conservation among Alumni Association staff and student workers, who occupy the building. Simple actions like turning off computers and monitors, closing window shades, and unplugging unused chargers and appliances has only added to the energy savings.
“The staff of the OSU Alumni Association are extremely proud to be a leader on campus in energy conservation and management,” said Chris Batchelder, OSU Alumni Association president. “It is very important for us to be good stewards of our membership dollars and donations, and it is equally important for us to reduce our impact on our environment.”
Over the past fiscal year, the Alumni Center avoided more than $116,906 in energy expenses or 47.4% of its previous base year energy costs. These savings were accumulated during the same time the Alumni Center experienced a record number of visitors with more than 1,000 events held in since July 2016.
“Over the past four years, the Alumni Association has made an enhanced effort to control their energy costs and environmental impact,” said Craig Spender, director of energy services. “This journey began with a focus on building HVAC scheduling and progressed to energy-conscious maintenance and system upgrades. Participation in the ELA was a natural next step. Their success in earning this award demonstrates their commitment to energy stewardship and being leaders at Oklahoma State University. This award is a direct result of the actions of all employees of the Alumni Association.”
“I am very proud of our team and especially Alumni Center Facilities Coordinator Matt Morgan for being diligent in our efforts to participate in the Energy Management Program,” Batchelder said. “We look forward to seeing this model adopted across the OSU campuses to solidify our position as energy conservation leaders among other institutions of higher education.”
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