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Oklahoma State University

OSU Pete’s Pet Posse gets moving with dog walking app

Fri, March 24, 2017

 Pete’s Pet Posse, a pet therapy program at Oklahoma State University, is hoping a popular app will help expand and equip users to support it while they exercise.

The Walk for a Dog app allows users to make a difference and support their favorite animal cause anytime they go for a walk, run or a bike ride. The more people who exercise for Pete’s Pet Posse, the more funds the organization will receive.

“We are hoping the community will consider Pete’s Pet Posse the next time they step out the door for a walk,” said Kendria Cost, executive assistant to OSU’s First Lady. “Since we are a self-funded program, many of the organization’s expenses go to new leashes, collars, t-shirts for the Ruff Rider team and other items to help educate students about the program and the variety of pet visits available.”

When going on a walk or run with the Walk for a Dog application, users can walk their own dogs or walk with a virtual pet from Pete’s Pet Posse to raise funds for the organization. You can even exercise without a dog.

“More walks equal more dollars for the program,” said Cost. “It is an easy thing to do. Just download the app, select Pete’s Pet Posse and start exercising.”

The application can be used anywhere and at any time and is available in the App Store and Google Play.

OSU First Lady Ann Hargis logs on every time she walks with her dog, Scruff, who is a part of the Pete’s Pet Posse program.

“It is wonderful how people can use it wherever they are,” Hargis said. “I love that something as simple as logging exercise time can be of benefit to the program and it ties in perfectly to our wellness initiatives as America’s Healthiest Campus.”

Hargis is also pleased that the app generates a map at the end of her walk so she can track her distance.

“It gives you incentive to stretch a little farther, walk a little farther and be outdoors a little more, all for a good cause.”

Story by Sage Watson