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Oklahoma State University

Three Minute winners meet head-to-head in 2017 3MC competition

Mon, April 10, 2017
2016 3 minute thesis presentation

The Oklahoma State University Graduate College will host its second President’s Fellows’ Grand Three Minute Challenge (3MC) competition April 13 in the Student Union Theater at 3:30 p.m.

The 3MC competition celebrates the success of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) and Three Minute Presentation (3MP) in a head-to-head competition of winners from the OSU 2016 3MP and the 2017 3MT®. The 3MC is sponsored by the OSU President’s Fellows, a society made up of passionate and loyal OSU alumni and supporters of university priorities through the leadership of President Burns Hargis.

The first 3MT® competition at OSU was held in 2013. Two years later, OSU launched its 3MP competition, the first in the country. The 3MT® competition is reserved for thesis master’s and Ph.D. students, while the 3MP is for non-thesis students, education specialists and graduate certificate students. As with the 3MT® and 3MP, students in the Three Minute Challenge must present their thesis or dissertation research for the 3MT® winners or disciplinary non-thesis topic for the 3MP winners and its significance in less than three minutes, using only one PowerPoint slide, to a general audience. Students are judged on their communication style, comprehension of material and audience engagement. 

Deepak Kumar, a master’s student in Food Science, was awarded first place for his presentation on increasing protein in the diet of people from developing countries using microbes to reduce malnutrition in the 3MT® finals last month. Kumar is currently gearing up to compete in the Grand Challenge.

"It’s a great feeling to move to the next level in the competition, and I look forward to competing with non-thesis folks,” he said. “Now that I have my script ready, I try to repeat it at least 20 times a day while walking or driving my car to work. My confidence increases every time I practice my speech."

The 3MT® and 3MP finalists and People’s Choice winners who will compete in the 3MC with Kumar are:

  • Natalie Miller, a non-thesis master’s student in communication sciences and disorders
  • Grant Lapke, a non-thesis master’s student in international agriculture
  • Tanner Roark, a non-thesis master’s student in international agriculture
  • Siddharth Suresh, a non-thesis master’s student in telecommunications management
  • Varsha Akkaloori, a non-thesis master’s student in business analytics
  • Deepak Kumar, a thesis master’s student in food science
  • Jennifer Rudd, a doctoral student in veterinary biomedical sciences
  • Joyce Nabissaalu, a doctoral student in design, housing and merchandising
  • Eranda Ekanayake, a thesis master’s student in mathematical and aerospace engineering
  • Christina Sharkey, a doctoral student in psychology

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