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The official research magazine of Oklahoma State University

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Gut Reactions

OSU researchers study gut microbiomes, establish a core facility

Fueling the Future

Using geological science to drive energy innovation

Nurturing Nutrition

Retired CEHS professor reflects on career of promoting nutritional studies

Pecan Paradise

OSU Ag Research furthers the land-grant mission

From The Conversation

Intuitions about justice are a consistent part of human nature across cultures and millennia

Laws from different places and eras largely reflect a universal human sense of justice.

Why do couples use baby talk with one another?

Baby talk is cute when used with babies. But when adults converse with each other? Not so much.

People blame and judge parents for children’s heavier weights

While excess weight arises from a complex interplay of genes, environment, diet and activity, new research finds Americans hold parents responsible for excess weight in their kids. 

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