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‘Launching A Business: The First 100 Days,’ by Bruce Barringer, selected as Editor’s Pick

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bruce Barringer

A Spears School of Business professor authored a recently released book, “Launching A Business: The First 100 Days,” that was named an Editor’s Pick by CHOICE Magazine. Bruce Barringer, head of the School of Entrepreneurship at the Spears School, is the author of the 238-page self-help book.

Barringer’s book is recognized in CHOICE Magazine, the top library and book buyer magazine in the United States.

The following review, written by J. J. Janney of the University of Dayton, will appear in the November issue of CHOICE:

“Everyone knows starting a new business takes work, but many potential entrepreneurs become unnerved by the fear of things they do not know, but which matter. Beyond knowledge of the actual business and industry, this can entail knowing whether to incorporate, establish an online media presence, or even how to complete required forms. These types of unknowns can unnerve entrepreneurs. Barringer (entrepreneurship, Oklahoma State Univ.) wrote Launching a Business to calm those nerves.

“A book of advice and sources, it breaks the launch process into two sections, prelaunch (days 1-30) and postlaunch (days 31-100). While it covers all functional areas of launching a business, the book particularly highlights the mechanics of establishing an online presence. Each chapter provides checklists, encouraging entrepreneurs to document their efforts. Entrepreneurs seeking to write a business plan will find this information valuable.

“While this title overlaps with works such as Mike McKeever's How to Write a Business Plan (CH, Apr'13, 50-4538), it differs by offering more tactical advice on things important during early launch of a business that an experienced founder should know but a novice likely will not. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All levels of undergraduate students; practitioners; aspiring entrepreneurs; general readers.”

To read the review online, go to the Choice Review Online website:

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