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Oklahoma State University

Spears School professor, students present at South Central SAS Users Group forum

Thursday, November 20, 2014

OSU attendees at SCSUG
OSU graduate students Karush Jaggi, Mbaye Diaw and Sharat Dwibhasi were joined by assistant professor Bryan Hammer at the South Central SAS Users Group Educational Forum.
Several first-year Spears School of Business were among the presenters at the South Central SAS Users Group (SCSUG) Educational Forum held earlier this month in Austin, Texas. The OSU presenters were Bryan Hammer, assistant professor of management science and information systems in the Spears School, and graduate students Karush Jaggi, Mbaye Diaw and Sharat Dwibhasi. Hammer presented during the keynote address while the three Oklahoma State University students were among those presenting during the general session. The SCSUG forum allows industry and academic institutions in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas to share SAS software techniques while learning from analytics professionals. “My experience at SCSUG was wonderful,” Hammer said. “I had the opportunity to interact with students and become better acquainted with them at the conference. They are the future of analytics. Speaking about the future, it looks very bright. Many attendees expressed similar feelings to what I shared in my keynote address about strengthening ties between academia and industry. We share a love of data and that brought all of us together.” The Spears School students were impressed with the conference. “I personally feel very fortunate to have attended the SCSUG conference,” said Diaw. “It was an amazing experience presenting my project at the conference. I enjoyed a lot of the ideas and advice that the professionals at the conference shared with me. With their input, I am confident I will be able to take my project to the next level.” “This trip to the conference was amazing in more than one way to say the least,” said Jaggi. “For students, the symposium was a great platform to present to the experts, with the best part being receiving real feedback on what they thought could be improved in order to take projects to the next level. Beyond the student symposium, this conference opened gates for OSU students to get into conversation mode with real industry users of SAS. I personally enjoyed connecting with so many of the experts and discussing their expertise in the field. “Moreover, with some of the biggest employers and SAS programmers around, it was a great networking opportunity for all of us. This conference was a great way to get things into perspective and better understand our roles as future analysts.” For more information about the data mining certificate program at the Spears School, go to the Analytics and Data Mining Certificates Program website ( or, contact Chakraborty at 405-744-7644 or
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