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From left, Souparna Lodh, Anjali Bansal and Purva Pujari are congratulated by Elvena Fong after placing first in the Health Data Shootout.

Health Data Shootout competition reveals winners

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Students from across campus divided into teams, each a mixture of five graduate and undergraduate students from various major and master’s programs, to compete in this year’s Health Data Shootout competition.

Hosted by the OSU Center for Health Systems Innovation’s Institute for Predictive Medicine and the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, this year’s competition gave participating students an opportunity to seek health care solutions for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Student teams analyzed a set of data extracted from Cerner Health Facts that included 76,000 PTSD patients. Teams created and presented innovative ideas that support the eight million American adults suffering from PTSD, whom are mainly veterans.

“I am simply blown away by the innovations and ideas that we saw from the students,” said Elvena Fong, health data analytics program manager for the Institute for Predictive Medicine Health. “We had randomly grouped students from different disciplines into teams, and gave them two weeks to work on the dataset. It speaks to the level of hard work and the quality of students across all disciplines at OSU.”

Three teams placed in the competition and were recognized at the awards ceremony March 14. 

First place: NaN, “Severity-Based Treatment Plan for PTSD patients”

Alvi Mahmud, M.S. in Quantitative Financial Economics

Anjali Bansal, M.S. in Business Analytics

Franco Buhay, B.S. in Economics, Quantitative Studies

Purva Pujari, M.S. in Management Information Systems

Souparna Lodh, M.S. in Management Information Systems

Second Place: HIMAT, “PTSD: A Data Driven Approach”

Alex Lobman, M.S. in Business Analytics

Hao Pan, PhD in Industrial Engineering

Ishan Malpotra, M.S. in Management Information Systems

Tarun Bakshi, M.S. in Management Information Systems

Moumita Sen, M.S. in Business Administration

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From left, the HIMAT team of Alex Lobman, Hao Pan, Ishan Malpotra, Tarun Bakshi and Moumita Sen receive congratulations from Elvena Fong.
From left, Regina Chan, Ahmadreza Haghnegahdar, Ashwin Kannn, Goutam Mylavarapu and Vrushank Shah of the Pre-Traumatic Stress Dispatchers are congratulated by Elvena Fong.

Third Place: Pre-Traumatic Stress Dispatchers, “PTSD: Medicuro App”

Regina Chan, M.S. in Chemical Engineering

Ahmadreza Haghnegahdar, M.S. in Chemical Engineering

Ashwin Kannan, PhD in Computer Science

Goutam Mylavarapu, PhD in Computer Science

Vrushank Shan, M.S. in Business Analytics

Each team that placed among the top three received a cash award. In addition to the cash prize, the third-place team, Pre-Traumatic Stress Dispatchers, received the Riata Incubation Prize. This prize includes an opportunity for students to work with the Riata Center to develop a business model centered on the team’s presented solution.

Once the business concept is proven, the team will be given the chance to apply to the formal business incubator program to receive ongoing guidance in further developing their venture. There is no cost for these services, and the Riata Center does not take any ownership or stake in the team’s company.

“We are excited to have provided another Health Data Shootout opportunity to our best and brightest analytic and health care students,” said William Paiva, executive director for the Center for Health Systems Innovation. “The health data analytic market is exploding and we are passionate about exposing our students to this category.”

To learn more about CHSI and the Health Data Shootout, visit

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