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MBA Advisory Board bridging the gap

Monday, October 14, 2019

The MBA Advisory Board would like to see the program continue to grow and attract quality students.

The MBA Advisory Board is an accumulation of both faculty and alumni that serve as the guiding counsel for the MBA program, both internally and externally. They are in place to help the MBAA officers advance the goals of the Spears School of Business.

The board interacts with and advises the OSU MBA Program Leadership team and the Dean of Spears Business to give perspective and advice that will directly impact MBA students and their future career choices.

In the recent years, the board has added an additional member, the MBAA President, to serve as the student secretary. This position tracks minutes during meetings, interacts with faculty and alumni and most importantly is the voice for the students currently enrolled in the program.

“I think personally this opportunity is really unique because you get to interact with a lot of different people. It’s like having a whole pool of mentors in front of you,” Bill Pickering, current MBAA President, said. “As a representative of the student body we benefit a lot because I have been able to get involved and inject what the students are feeling. The reality is, you need that voice present on the committee, otherwise student’s thoughts and concerns have the ability to get glazed over.”

One of the advisory board’s biggest initiatives is their assistance in improving the national rankings of the MBA program by becoming trusted advisors and serving as the source of exceptional, real-world business knowledge, experience and ideas.

“They’ve been a big proponent in the rank increase of the graduate school and in the recruiting process,” Pickering said. “I’m confident that in the next few years the advisory board has the ability to get us to break the top 50 ranking for graduate colleges within the nation.”

He said the ability to serve on this committee and be a voice for students is important because you learn how to work and serve on a committee, which is a crucial skill to possess when entering the business world.

MBA students are encouraged to attend a meet and greet prior to the meeting at 7:40-8:20 a.m., Friday in BUS 040. Attire for the meet and greet is business casual and light breakfast and refreshments will be included.

For more information on the Advisory Board, visit the MBA Advisory Board homepage.

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