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Oklahoma State University

MBAA officers play integral part in MBA program’s success

Thursday, January 31, 2019

From left, James Sullivan, Molly Battershell, Bill Pickering, Austin Parsonage, Jayci Robison and Erik Sundstrom will serve as officers of the 2019 MBA Student Association (MBAA).

Last November, Master of Business Administration students elected several officers to represent the student body and advocate for the students’ best interests as part of the MBA Student Association (MBAA). These leadership positions are important components of student life in the Oklahoma State University MBA program, and each role lends a hand in enhancing the MBA experience.

Meet the officers:

Bill Pickering

Bill Pickering: President

Pickering is a second-semester MBA student from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta where he studied English and history. Pickering is concentrating in energy business, and upon earning his MBA, he is hoping to explore international opportunities for employment within the energy sector.

“With the cabinet we have in place, I am certain the MBAA will be able to serve our student body by elevating their experience while at OSU,” Pickering said. “Looking past the short term, I intend to use my position to initiate discussions about meaningful improvements to continue improving the value of our graduate degrees and to build on the excellent reputation of the program so that my cohorts may continue to benefit long after their time at OSU has passed.”

Erik Sundstrom

Erik Sundstrom: Vice President of External Affairs

Sundstrom is originally from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, but he is actually a fourth-generation OSU student. Sundstrom earned his undergraduate degree from OSU in sports management and marketing. After finishing his MBA degree, Sundstrom hopes to secure a position in marketing or finance with an organization that aligns with his moral code and makes a difference in the world.   

“I have two main goals that I wish to accomplish during my time in this role,” Sundstrom said. “I hope to create an environment that cultivates lifelong professional relationships among MBA peers and increase the prestige of the MBA program.”

James Sullivan

James Sullivan: Vice President of International Affairs

Sullivan is a second-semester MBA student from Plano, Texas. He also obtained his bachelor’s degree from OSU in sports media. Sullivan’s future plans include opening a production company to visually and artistically create social change.

“I hope to bring several perspectives students to the program and hopefully bring multiple experiences to the table as well,” Sullivan said.

Jayci Robison

Jayci Robison: Vice President of Social Affairs

Robison is from Cashion, a small town about 30 miles north of Oklahoma City. She earned her undergraduate degree from OSU as well, majoring in marketing and strategic communications. After completing her MBA, Robison hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in organizational behavior with a focus on minorities in the workplace, specifically in the area of invisible disabilities and their effect on employees and employers alike.

“The MBA program has already given me so much in one short semester,” Robison said. “I've established what I hope will be lifelong friendships and been given ample opportunities to strengthen and expand my professional network. As VP of Social Affairs, I hope to help facilitate these same opportunities and more for our graduate students.”

Austin Parsonage

Austin Parsonage: Vice President of Finance

Parsonage is a second-semester MBA student from McKinney, Texas. He obtained his undergraduate degree in international business from OSU in 2016. After completing his MBA, Parsonage plans to pursue a career in corporate finance.

“In my time in this role, I plan to bring students in the program together with planned events and also raise money for philanthropic efforts,” Parsonage said.

Molly Battershell

Molly Battershell: Vice President of Campus Representation

Battershell is a third-semester MBA student from the small town of Dale, Oklahoma. She also earned an undergraduate degree from OSU where she studied marketing. Battershell hopes to gain a position in the marketing or banking industry after completing her MBA degree.

“As VP of Campus Representation, I hope to show future students how beautiful the campus is and all the resources Oklahoma State and the MBA program have to offer,” Battershell said.

By Kinsey Klemmer

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