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Oklahoma State University

New MBA program manager seeks to impact lives

Monday, February 25, 2019

Crystal Wilson

New Master of Business Administration program manager Crystal Wilson has spent her life serving others, and now she is bringing that same passion for service to the Oklahoma State University MBA program.

Wilson’s many past experiences have shaped her attributes to be successful in this new role. She began her career in the for-profit sector, but soon made a transition to the nonprofit world where she quickly worked her way up to the position of chief professional officer at the Boys and Girls Club organization.

“I went into the for-profit arena first, and I wasn’t really fulfilled,” Wilson said. “It didn’t feel natural, so from there I found a position with the Boys and Girls Club and loved it. I was chief professional officer, which is like the president of the organization, and it was a really great experience working with the kids.”

After marrying a residence coordinator, she found herself living in a residence hall at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It was here where she found her love for young adults and supporting them in their journey while doing extensive volunteer work. 

“From that experience came my passion for working with students and just being able to see young adults grow and to mentor them,” Wilson said.

While with the Boys and Girls Club, Wilson earned an MBA. She is a firm believer in the power of the MBA and says this is one of the most beneficial advanced degrees a person can receive. Wilson’s education includes a bachelor's degree in psychology from Wake Forest University. 

“The power of the MBA is so valuable across any discipline if you want to be in a leadership role, run an organization or just be in business,” she said. “I believe the experiences and education you gain from being in the MBA program really prepares you to have a seat at the table.”

Wilson is planning to use her strength in relationship building to grow the OSU MBA enrollment numbers and to work toward other program goals.

“I strive to make an impact on people’s lives every day, and I think this position really gives me the opportunity to build relationships among various stakeholders, especially the students, to let them know they have someone who’s there to help navigate the process,” Wilson said.

In her new role at OSU, Wilson will manage the on-campus program through admissions, tending to the students’ needs, recruitment and conducting program assessments. She is excited to begin her work, especially with the students.

“I’m very student centered,” Wilson said. “I think being student centered will ensure the program is top notch and that the program is doing exactly what it needs to do.”

Wilson says she is excited about diving into the program and discovering how to best use her experiences to move the program forward.

To learn more about the OSU MBA program, visit the website.

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