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Oklahoma State University

Spears Business hosts ISyTE Academy for high schoolers

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

ISyTE campers building computers

The Center for Executive and Professional Development in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University will host its annual Information Systems Technology Exploration (ISyTE) for high school students June 2-7.

At the OSU ISyTE Academy, students will spend six days on the Stillwater campus interacting with current OSU management information systems students and faculty members. Students will learn what to expect in college and what courses to take as a high school senior to better prepare for college. The academy is an activity-based, hands-on program designed for high school students interested in the vital intersection of business and technology.

An MIS degree provides an optical mix of people skills, technological expertise and business knowledge.

Students who are on path to earn an MIS degree experience the following benefits: high salary, technology based, high demand today and tomorrow, exciting projects, rewarding positions, hands-on system building experiences and a variety of career path options. Potential careers could include a business analyst, web architect, data scientist, systems analyst, database administrator and information assurance analyst.

“Our award-winning program is designed to help young people in Oklahoma gain insight into the limitless career potential of the information technology field,” Dr. Rick L. Wilson, MSIS department head, said.

“We have had many success stories of ISyTE attendees finding their passion in either cyber security, data science or just plain problem solving with technology,” Wilson said. “Then those students come to OSU, earn their degree in MIS and end up with a high paying and fulfilling position in the industry as they start their career. Ten years ago, when we started this, we had no idea this camp would be so impactful to so many Oklahoma students. It has been life-changing for many of the attendees.”

Throughout the academy, students get the opportunity to see more aspects of a potential MIS degree. The students will have a building segment where they learn how computer components work together to process information, a connecting segment and build a network of computers or other devices.

Students will also have coding and hacking segments, along with an installing and exploring segments to continue gaining an understanding of technology they are working with. In the final segment, students learn about the Internet of Things by setting up a Raspberry Pi 2. 

There will be daily field trips and activities, including a tour of Boone Pickens Stadium.

All 25 students chosen will receive a scholarship that covers 100 percent of the fees associated with the OSU ISyTE Academy, including all meals and lodging.

Sponsors of the ISyTE Academy are the OSU Department of Management Science and Information Systems, Phillips 66 and ConocoPhillips.

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