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Evelyn Larson will wear the orange gown for Spears and will lead the senior class into the spring 2024 commencement cermonies.

Larson selected to don the orange gown for Spears

Friday, May 3, 2024

Media Contact: Jeff Hopper | Communications Coordinator | 405-744-1050 |

Evelyn Larson was selected as the orange gown recipient for the Spears School of Business for spring 2024.

Each semester, a distinguished student is selected to wear the orange gown and cap at commencement in recognition for their academic achievements, participation in organizations and overall dedication to their experiences at OSU. Larson will lead the Spears senior class in the orange regalia and receive her diploma first at commencement on Saturday, May 11.

While excelling in the classroom, Larson has also served Spears in numerous other roles such as a student worker in the Eastin Center for Career Readiness, Spears Assist intern and digital media coordinator for the Women in Business organization. She has also been an active member of several organizations including Business Student Council, Summit Leadership Program, Marketing Club, Freshman Research Program, Association of Information Technology Professionals, Marketing Club, Spears Ambassador, First Year Representative Council and Speakers Board.

Larson is walking across the stage in a matter of days to complete her undergraduate degree, however she won’t be leaving the halls of Spears just yet. She is currently pursuing her master’s in business analytics and data science which she will complete in the spring of 2025.

Spears recently caught up with Larson to discuss the honor and her time as an undergraduate:

Spears Business: What does this recognition mean to you?

Evelyn Larson: Oklahoma State commits itself to the Cowboy Code. Spears emphasizes the “Power of Personal.” Together, I believe they epitomize what it means to be the Spears School of Business orange gown recipient. 

The orange gown means not only has one poured into their studies but they have poured into the culture, the people and embracing opportunities presented to them through OSU. Being honored with this recognition is truly so fulfilling for me because college has been about so much more than just academia. 

These past three years, OSU and Spears have become my home. They are my family. People I want to make proud. The orange gown means the world to me because it’s a tangible affirmation that I have indeed made my family proud. 

To be able to represent the school I love so much is an honor like no other. I am proud to be a Cowboy, and will wear my orange gown with that pride, humbled to know there were so many deserving students. Even though I will be the one in the orange gown, I know I am representing us all, because this was not something I achieved on my own. I had my family supporting me the whole time.

SB: How do you feel this reflects on your time and experiences at Spears?

EL: As a student at OSU, I wanted to try everything and take full advantage of what a unique time college is for discovering one’s passions. While I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to studying, I also wanted to invest in the people I was surrounded by, develop leadership skills I could carry with me after graduation, and experience everything I could while here in Stillwater. I think receiving the orange gown reflects that desire and my commitment to pursuing it. I am truly so honored to have been given the opportunity to represent that mindset.

SB: Where does this rank among your academic achievements at Spears?

EL: Receiving the orange gown has been the pinnacle of my achievements because it doesn’t just reflect excellence in the classroom. For me, it symbolizes the impact one has had outside of class as well. One of my favorite professors once told me, “It isn’t what you do, it’s how you make people feel.” And the orange gown means I left a positive impression during my time at OSU. Spears specifically has poured so much into me, so it’s an honor to lead the school that I love during graduation. To be recognized as a top student is just such a privilege, and I hope to continue to represent Spears and OSU well as I enter the next chapter.

SB: What’s your favorite memory from your time as an undergrad?

EL: Picking my favorite memory from my time as an undergraduate is almost like picking a favorite child. It’s nearly impossible. There have been so many diverse experiences and special moments here at OSU. Whether it was cheering on our football team as we won Bedlam (twice) or laughing with Max Greenfield at our Speakers Board event, these last three years have been so immensely full of joy and growth. There have been more times than I can count where I am walking home from an event, club meeting or even just class with a full heart and skip in my step because I am just so happy to be here at OSU. 

A specific highlight of mine was from this last semester when I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with President Kayse Shrum. What was scheduled for a 45-minute conversation lasted almost an hour and a half because she was so engaging to talk to. I gained valuable insights into her leadership philosophy and left with a deeper understanding of the qualities associated with empathetic and servant leadership. It was instances like this – the little moments, random conversations and newfound friendships – that have been my favorite part of my undergrad. And it’s these moments I am going to keep with me the rest of my life.

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