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Memories for sale from old Willham Hall

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Oklahoma State University’s Department of Residential Life is offering alumni of Willham Hall the chance to own a piece of history. Starting Thursday, Sept. 8, and running for the next seven weeks, alumni will have the opportunity to purchase memorabilia from Willham Hall online auction site eBay.

Items for sale include the door numbers, mailbox doors and door knobs that have been converted into paperweights. Because Willham had two towers — North and South Willham — many of the door numbers and mailbox doors have two items available for each number.

“Not all of the items have doubles,” said Shannon Baughman, marketing coordinator for Residential Life. “Unfortunately, some of the numbers broke when they were removed from the doors, and some of the mailbox doors have broken glass so they are not usable, but we are able to offer many of the door numbers and many mailbox numbers twice.”

Different floor numbers will be offered each week, while the number of door knobs offered each week will remain the same. The door numbers are a limited series of 400, and will be numbered. The silver knobs are mounted on black acrylic and feature a silver faceplate with the OSU logo, Willham Hall, and 1966-2004.

Why eBay?

“This method allows us to reach alumni no matter where they live, and it is the fairest way to offer these types of items,” said Dr. Bob Huss, director of Residential Life. “For example, over the 38 years that Willham was in use, many, many people lived in room 523, and if they all wanted the room number, how would we decide who gets it? This just seemed the fairest way to equalize the playing field.”

Six new residence halls are being constructed in the area where Willham North and South once stood. Proceeds from the sale of these items will be spent by the residents of these new buildings. They will decide what they money will be spent on. It might include artwork, furniture, or even permanent lawn ornamentation.

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