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OSU Signs Agreement to Bring Vietnamese Scholars to Campus

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oklahoma State University and the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) have signed an agreement to allow top scholars from Vietnam to enroll at OSU for graduate training in science and technology.  The agreement will take effect immediately to accommodate VEF Fellows, beginning in the Fall of 2005. VEF Fellows will be jointly supported by VEF and OSU. VEF pays the students’ initial expenses and also awards the university a stipend for each student for two years of study. Dr. Gordon Emslie, OSU’s associate vice president for research and dean of the OSU Graduate College, said VEF is a special initiative by the U.S. Congress to bring the United States and Vietnam closer through educational exchanges. The foundation is in its second year of operation and receives the full support of the U.S. National Academies in its fellowship selection process.  Currently, VEF has more than 100 Fellows at 37 top U.S. graduate institutions, mostly for doctoral degrees. All VEF Fellows are required to return to Vietnam after completing their academic programs in the U.S. Oklahoma State University is proud to be a member of the VEF Alliance,” said Emslie. “We are delighted to be able to offer talented Vietnamese students an opportunity to pursue advanced degrees in science and engineering at our ‘Research-Entensive’ university, and we are confident that students who choose to come here will be impressed, both by the strength of our programs and by the highly collegial environment here.”VEF is governed by a Board of Directors whose members include the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Treasury John Snow, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, U.S. Senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel; U.S. Representatives George Miller and Chris Smith. Directors also include six presidential appointees: Frank Jao, president and CEO of Bridgecreek Development Company; Herbert Allison, Jr., CEO of TIAA-CREF; Dr. Robert Bryant, professor of mathematics, Duke University; Dr. Charles Nguyen, dean of the school of engineering, Catholic University of America; Dr. Marilyn Pattillo, professor of clinical nursing, University of Texas at Austin; and Professor Toi Van Vo, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, Tufts University.This agreement marks the beginning of a new era for Vietnam to send its best and brightest to the U.S. for graduate education,” said Dr. Lynne McNamara, Senior Program Officer of VEF. “These VEF Fellows will become leaders in science and education in Vietnam and will help improve the country in profound ways.  We are very pleased that Oklahoma State University has joined the VEF Alliance.” For additional information about the Vietnam Fellows program, go to

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