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OSU Board Approves Personnel Actions

Friday, December 1, 2006

The Oklahoma State University/A&M Board of Regents approved several personnel actions during its Dec. 1 meeting at Langston University.

APPOINTMENTS: Ning Wang, assistant professor, biosystems and agricultural engineering; Rebecca S. Eastham, clinical instructor, hotel and restaurant administration. TITLE CHANGES: Jeretta H. Nord, from professor and associate dean for undergraduate programs, to professor, management science and information systems; Gregory C. Mosier, professor, Regents Service Professor, economics and legal studies, adds title of Puterbaugh Professor in Legal Studies and Ethics in Business.            

SABBATICAL: Jeanmarie V. Lubicz, entomology and plant pathology, 100 percent sabbatical leave to conduct research at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom to study plant mechanisms for resistance to viral pathogens and how viruses used in research suppress or induce host defenses, from July 1-Dec. 31, 2007; Rathindra Sarathy, management science and information systems, 100 sabbatical leave to work on and complete a major research monograph, as well as work on other research initiatives, from Jan. 1-May 31, 2007; Judy Oehler Stinnet, applied health and educational psychology, 100 percent sabbatical to complete the project funded through the OSU Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events and to prepare federal grant application for the study of natural disasters, specifically tornadoes, from Aug. 1, 2007, to Jan. 1, 2008; Laura Barnes, educational studies, 100 percent sabbatical leave to pursue professional development in statistical techniques especially for the analysis of hierarchical or nested data structures and to propose methods for instrument development and evaluation for multi-level constructs, from Jan. 1-May 31, 2008; Patrick B. Forsyth, educational studies, 100 percent sabbatical leave to produce a theoretical synthesis that would take the shape of a scholarly book or monograph, from Aug. 1-Dec. 31, 2007. 

RETIREMENTS: Earl D. Mitchell, biochemistry and molecular biology, Feb. 1, 2007; Steven M. Stone, agricultural sciences and natural resources, Jan. 2, 2007; David L. Nofziger, plant and soil sciences, Jan. 9, 2007; Robert E. Parks, art, June 1, 2007; David M. Roberts, art, June 1, 2007; John Wolfe, mathematics, Feb. 1, 2007; Janet I. Kimbrell, accounting, Jan. 1, 2007; Ronald D. Welsh, Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, Jan. 5, 2007. 

For the OSU Center for Health Sciences, appointments were approved for Anita L. Showalter, assistant professor and chair, obstetrics/gynecology; and Dean R. Fullingim, clinical professor, chair and Endowed Professor, radiology.

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