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Mexico exchange eases study abroad

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Evan Black (left) stands in front of the Pyramid of the sun with OU Spanish professor
After a four-week summer trip to Mexico with OSU’s College of Arts and Sciences, Spanish and public relations junior Evan Black knew she wanted to return.

“I love everything about Mexico, from the culture to the people,” Black said. “Living there has given me a new perspective on America and a deeper appreciation for the rich Hispanic culture.”

Black decided to complete a semester of study abroad at La Universidad de Las Americas Puebla. When she enrolled, OSU and the Puebla, Mexico, institution were still in discussions about establishing a reciprocal exchange program.

“Before the partnership, I had to withdraw from OSU and enroll directly at UDLA,” Black said. “I had to pay UDLA tuition rates that were more expensive than OSU’s, and my OSU scholarships did not apply.

“The partnership enabled me to attend UDLA while paying OSU tuition and using my OSU scholarships,” Black said. “It has definitely made study abroad accessible for more students.”

In an effort to expand learning and student exchange between Oklahoma and Mexico, OSU joined with two major Mexico universities to open liaison offices in Puebla in September 2006. In addition, UDLA is just one of six universities throughout Mexico involved in the exchange with OSU.  

“When people want to learn Spanish, I stress Mexico because anywhere you travel you can still use the language, unlike Spain where your Spanish is no longer applicable if you travel somewhere like France,” Black said.

Black said once she began to speak in Spanish, she did not feel as vulnerable or apprehensive speaking with people.  

“By the second semester, a lot of my friends were natives, but I also had international friends,” Black said. “Being immersed in the Mexican culture is one thing, but the international students exposed me to new ideas and a different way of thinking.”

To find out more about scholarships and programs related to studying in another country contact the OSU Study Abroad Office at (405) 744-8569.

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