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Small town student finds big success at OSU

Monday, January 8, 2007

Ruth Bobbitt was the Outstanding Graduate in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Bobbitt is also a Senior of Significance and an Ambassador for CASNR.
When Ruth Bobbitt graduated from Deer Creek-Lamont High School in 2003, she knew her future was with OSU.

“Choosing OSU was the easiest decision I've ever made. The agriculture communications degree program was a perfect fit for me because it combines my two loves. . . writing and farming,” Bobbitt said. “The university and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources have great reputations. Plus, it’s just an hour from home!”

In addition to being named a Senior of Significance, becoming a finalist for the awards presented to OSU’s top 2006-07 graduates, Bobbitt was named the Outstanding Graduate in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The honor included wearing an orange robe and leading the college’s procession during OSU’s fall commencement ceremony December 16.

Bobbitt’s sister, Rachel, was also CASNR’s top senior when she graduated in 2005. She attributes both achievements to their family’s farm work ethic.

“My parents are farmers and ranchers. They don’t push you to do well; they just expect my sister and I to do our best,” Bobbitt said. “The work ethic is definitely there. We are fifth-generation farmers."

“The land my family lives on was homesteaded by my great-great-grandfather in the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893,” she said.

Involvement in Future Farmers of America during high school cultivated Bobbitt’s interest in writing and farming.

“In FFA, I focused on public speaking and on the production of agriculture. It was while working on speeches that I discovered how much I enjoyed writing,” Bobbitt said. “When I was 12, I started renting land from my parents and farming wheat so that I could enter that into competition. I also have cattle, and I showed sheep.”

Transitioning from a small high school to a university as large as OSU, though not without adjustments, was surprisingly easy for Bobbitt.

“At first I was surprised at the number of people in Stillwater; my sorority is larger than the entire population of Deer Creek-Lamont High School,” said Bobbitt. “But the university is like a community among itself. Getting involved in my college and in organizations really made me feel at home.”

At OSU, Bobbitt was a CASNR Ambassador. She was a Wentz Research Scholar and an academic mentor, served on the President’s Leadership Council and was active in OSU’s Homecoming Celebration.

Although she has completed her bachelor’s degree, Bobbitt will continue her education at OSU.

“I am pursuing my master’s in agricultural communications and then possibly a doctorate,” Bobbitt said.

She also plans to carry on her family’s agrarian tradition.

“Since I was 17, my sister and I have owned 240 acres, and I look forward to buying more,” Bobbitt said. “Eventually, I would love to farm and write freelance for agriculture-related publications."

“I feel like the future of agriculture in Oklahoma is strong, and I look forward to being a part of that.”

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