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OSU art takes Stillwater youth around the world in 10 days

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

OSU art takes Stillwater youth around the world in 10 days

A new summer youth art program will introduce students to arts, culture, history, and cuisine of the world in a hands-on, two-week tour from the Multi Arts Building in downtown Stillwater.

Led by instructor Liz Dueck, students will receive daily instruction in visual art and work on their writing skills while gaining awareness and appreciation for global culture. The class is open to ages 9-12 (or 8-year olds who have completed 3rd grade) and runs from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. July 10-14 and July 17-21.

“The international theme of this art enrichment camp was created to inform students about the art and culture of countries they may not be familiar with,” said Dueck, who earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a minor in art history and teacher certification at Oklahoma State University. “I wanted students to get a good overview of art and culture not only in faraway places, but in relation to Stillwater’s large international community. I firmly believe in using art to connect people, so even if a student has never left the U.S., they will get a chance to travel around the world through art this summer.”

Activities include visual arts, cooking, music, history, social sciences, and geography and each day will focus on a different culture. Local international markets will prepare a unique snack for each class. Students will also keep a sketchbook/journal to write and reflect on what they learn each day.

“We believe that intertwining all of these subjects will strengthen the depth of learning students will take away from this program,” Dueck said.

Classes will be held at the Multi Arts Building (1001 S. Duck St. in Stillwater) over two sessions: July 10-14 and July 17-21. The cost for one session is $250 or $450 for both sessions.  Additional details are available at or by contacting program coordinator Christine Nichols at (405) 744-8459 or

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