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Mike Hunsucker receives his award from President Burns Hargis and Casey Keyser, senior energy manager, at the Decade of Excellence luncheon.

Making A Difference

Friday, February 9, 2018

Energy savers at Oklahoma State University have gone above and beyond to improve energy management on campus. Mike Hunsucker, course management coordinator in the Office of the Registrar, is just one of 20 individuals who received an award at the Decade of Excellence luncheon held to recognize the outstanding efforts put into energy conservation by the faculty, staff and students at OSU.

Hunsucker’s motivation to make energy management a priority in his department starts with keeping students comfortable in their classrooms, and he said working closely with energy management is a natural relationship.

“Energy usage is extremely important and goes hand in hand with what we do,” Hunsucker said. “We must maintain strict efficiency in our rooms to maximize availability and to help the most people.”

Work processes in his department have also changed to better accommodate energy savings. The registrar’s office is able to restrict scheduling during summer classes to buildings and rooms that will not add additional cost to the university.

“We try to fully utilize room capacities to maximize our efficiency across campus during all terms,” Hunsucker said.

OSU has saved nearly $38 million at OSU-Stillwater and $48 million system-wide with the help of the energy management department and individuals who make efforts to conserve energy on a daily basis. Hunsucker said he is proud to be one of those individuals. 

“Receiving this award is one of the most meaningful things that has happened to me in my tenure at the university,” Hunsucker said. “I am very honored to have received an award for something that I value and at which I strive to improve every day.”

Hunsucker also said saving energy takes being proactive, and everyone can make a difference.

“Everyone has something they can do to assist,” Hunsucker said.

“Things as small as lowering your blinds at night and turning off your computer can have a large impact if many of us make that decision. Saving energy is a campus goal and I am very proud of what we can accomplish together.”

Also honored at the luncheon include: The Wes Watkins Meeting and Conference Center, Justin Billingsley, Fred Causley, Karen Clements, Tammy Collins, Deborah Cooper, John DeGeorge, Dan Fisher, Jim Hargrave, Michael Holmes, Dr. Andrew Kimbrough, Scott McCollum, Tah Moorman, Matt Morgan, Casey Powell, Joanna Price, Paula Shive, Aaron Spiva, Kyle Waters and Denise Weaver.

Story by Shayla Terrel

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