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Oklahoma State University

President Hargis issues statement promoting respect, equality and leadership

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

OSU Campus Photo

The widespread protests across our country in the wake of the senseless death of George Floyd underscore we have serious work ahead to overcome racial injustice and inequality.

At Oklahoma State University, we hear the voices seeking genuine change through honest discussions. We will embrace our responsibility as an institution of learning to be part of the emerging national movement to find solutions to the systemic racial, and economic problems facing our community and country.

Working together, I believe we can build better and stronger communities around the honorable principles of justice, equity, and respect for each other.

As we move forward, we must uphold our values to stand for what is right and come together to use our diverse resources, talents, and passions to tackle the tough issues of our time.    

I look forward to working with our campus community in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


— Burns Hargis

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