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OADDL wins Energy Leadership Award

Monday, December 21, 2020

Oklahoma Animal disease and Diagnostics Laboratory

The Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory earned OSU’s Energy Leadership Award in November, a rare accomplishment for a building with a complex mix of lab and office space. 

Tammy Johnson, OSU energy manager, said earning the Energy Leadership Award includes staff training, selecting two energy champions to spread energy-saving messages and a series of unannounced energy audits. The audits, done after hours or on the weekends, measure the number of potential opportunities to save energy and how many were missed, such as lowering office temperatures and computer monitors left on. 

Ryan Van Fleet, coordinator in the business office, and Dr. Brianne Taylor, assistant professor, served as OADDL’S energy champions. For Van Fleet, the decision to participate was simply good stewardship. OADDL is funded almost exclusively by state appropriations and revenue from client testing. 

“We have a responsibility to be good stewards of the resources we are entrusted with, both financially and environmentally,” he said. “We take that responsibility seriously. Participating in, and ultimately earning, this energy award shows our dedication to both the fiscal health of our department as well as  the environmental health of our community, all in one initiative.” 

It took OADDL five audits to reach the point where staff were missing under 10 percent of potential opportunities to conserve energy in their office spaces. 

“Five audits is very impressive,” Johnson said. “Most people take more. It’s hard to get everybody in a department to turn off everything. The single most missed item is almost always computer monitors.” 

Although lab space wasn’t included in the audits, Johnson was excited to see energy conserving behavior bleeding over to the labs as well. 

“Tammy Johnson’s audits were hugely helpful and highlighted areas of improvement for us to focus,” said Taylor. “Ryan and I sent out weekly emails reminding staff to turn off monitors, lights, etc., but I think the biggest boost was going around to each section and talking to the staff. That in-person interface allowed for us to answer questions and provide helpful suggestions. Not long after this visit, we passed our audit with flying colors. There’s great solidarity here at OADDL, and I think winning the Energy Leadership Award demonstrates just that.” 

Departments interested in earning the energy award should email Johnson at

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