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Baker Hughes
Maki Ikeda, (from left) director, Energy Innovation Center, Baker Hughes; Burns Hargis, president, OSU; Taylor Shinn, VP Strategic Marketing & Ventures Digital Solutions, Baker Hughes; and Katy Boren, president and CEO, Oklahoma City’s Innovation District.

Oklahoma State University Forms Technology Collaboration with Baker Hughes

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Baker Hughes’ Donation of its Oklahoma City Energy Innovation Center building to Oklahoma State University will anchor cross-collaboration between Baker Hughes and the University

Oklahoma State University announced today a technology collaboration with Baker Hughes that will drive cross-industry collaboration and innovation, in addition to the donation of Baker Hughes Energy Innovation Center (“the Center”) located in the Innovation District east of downtown Oklahoma City. This is a game changer for OSU and the state of Oklahoma, supporting public and private enterprises in Oklahoma City and beyond.

The collaboration will bring industry and academic experts under one roof, creating experiential learning opportunities for OSU students and supporting Baker Hughes researchers in applying technology-driven solutions for energy and industrial sectors. Additionally, OSU students will work with Baker Hughes experts and technologists to advance key technologies in the areas of aerospace, mechanical, electrical, chemical and petroleum engineering. OSU will also host classes for its Master of Petroleum Engineering program at the Center and provide hands-on experience in state-of-the-art lab facilities.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for Oklahoma State University to secure a world-class research and innovation center and establish a collaborative relationship with a leading technology company like Baker Hughes,” said Burns Hargis, president, OSU. “Baker Hughes is a global company that has set the bar high in technology and innovation and OSU is excited and honored to increase its collaboration with their industry experts to grow our already strong mechanical, industrial, and aerospace engineering programs. This collaboration, combined with the opportunity to add the world-class Energy Innovation Center and its facilities to OSU’s engineering and research offerings, will enable OSU to graduate engineers with meaningful experience on significant real-world projects.”

OSU engineering faculty and students will occupy the Center’s fourth floor and manage the building. Baker Hughes will manage its two laboratories on the first floor as well as an outdoor lab space. The company also will occupy the entire fifth floor, where it employs more than 50 scientists and technologists for a variety of industrial research and commercial projects in the energy and industrial sectors. Moving forward, OSU and Baker Hughes will share the facility’s large showroom and auditorium as well as the third floor conference spaces.

OSU and Baker Hughes will also collaborate in developing diversity and inclusion programs that will aim to build a deeper pipeline of STEM talent for the next generation of technology development that creates more learning opportunities for students and community members. For example, Baker Hughes will continue to build on its efforts of bringing in local high schools and student groups from Oklahoma City Public Schools to connect them with technologists and demonstrate new technology they can pursue in their personal academic journey into higher education and then back into the private sector.

“Baker Hughes has a long history of forming strong relationships with universities,” said Taylor Shinn, vice president for Baker Hughes Digital Solutions. “This alliance further advances our capabilities as an energy technology company and provides a unique opportunity to tap into OSU’s diverse academic population as we work together to drive innovation globally. The Center’s location in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District gives this relationship a strategic advantage, as we unite higher education, research, energy, aerospace and advanced manufacturing into one ecosystem. Baker Hughes will also continue to invest in Oklahoma City’s diverse talent, supporting technology and inclusion programs in local schools and connecting academia with industry.”

“I commend Oklahoma State University and Baker Hughes for thinking outside the box to create an alliance of this magnitude,” said Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. “OSU students will benefit tremendously from the innovative resources available at the Energy Innovation Center, including global industry experts and access to world-class research labs. Ultimately, this remarkable collaboration located in the heart of the state will benefit Oklahoma as we continue to develop and retain tomorrow’s workforce and attract top talent from around the world.”

“The Innovation District is a magnet for creative, innovative minds and top talent” said Katy Boren, president and CEO of Oklahoma City Innovation District. “This is key to continuing economic expansion and job growth in our community. I am excited to see Baker Hughes and OSU experimenting with this pioneering collaboration that I am confident will continue to attract diverse industries, educators, and entrepreneurs, all sharing their expertise and together creating something new and a truly unique experience.”

The donation and collaborative agreement were approved by the OSU A&M Board of Regents on June 19.

“Access to the Center’s research facilities and ability to collaborate with global entities will allow our students the ability to gain real world experience,” OSU/A&M Board of Regents past chairman, Tucker Link said. “On behalf of OSU and the Board of Regents, I want to thank Baker Hughes for their vision to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Oklahoma State a reality.”

OSU: Monica Roberts, 405-744-4800
Baker Hughes: Suzann Taylor, 405-615-6178
Tristan Shutt, 405-596-7181

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