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Remember the Ten scholarship recipients are (top row from left) Samantha Addante, Meredith Beyl, Déjà Clement, Emily Linsky, Megan Perez, (bottom row from left) Nikita Ramakrishnan, Caroline Roberts, Abby Ross, Logan Smith and Katie Traino.

Remember the Ten Scholarship recipients announced

Monday, June 29, 2020

Ten Oklahoma State University students have received scholarships from the Remember the Ten Run.

Created in 2012, the scholarship program supports graduate students seeking a master’s degree or doctorate at OSU in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, community counseling or  marriage and family therapy. Each recipient receives a $1,000 cash scholarship.

The annual memorial run honors the 10 members of the OSU family who died in a plane crash on Jan. 27, 2001. The scholarship focuses on degrees that provide support in grief and bereavement.

For more information on the scholarship or how to donate, visit

This year’s recipients are:

Samantha Addante, originally from Chicago, is a third-year doctoral student in clinical psychology. Her research interests include examining risk and resilience within intergenerational relationships and providing evidence-based care to children and families. She is currently the co-director of an intensive, exposure-based treatment program in Oklahoma City and will serve as the Psychological Services Center associate director of therapy in the Department of Psychology at OSU.

Meredith Beyl, of Stillwater, Oklahoma, is a second-year master’s student in the Mental Health Counseling program. She is interested in trauma research, specifically the intergenerational transmission of family violence and the cultural factors that contribute to resilience in survivors of abuse. She has a passion for reducing the high rates of domestic violence and child abuse/neglect by helping survivors create a healthy family culture. As a survivor of trauma, she desires to learn more about the effects of trauma on the brain and how to help those who have endured a traumatic event find healing and hope.

Déjà Clement, from New Paltz, New York, is a second-year doctoral student in clinical psychology. She is devoted to improving and increasing access to equitable mental health care services to all individuals regardless of their background. Her research interests include understanding risk and resilience factors that may influence suicide interventions/prevention for minority populations. Her goal as a researcher and clinician is to amplify and advocate for the mental health needs of disadvantaged, underrepresented and underserved communities. 

Emily Linsky, originally from Duncan, Oklahoma, is a first-year master’s student in marriage and family therapy. She will be working as a graduate research assistant with Dr. Jennifer Jones and Dr. Kami Gallus and helping with the National Core Indicators Adult In-Person Survey. This project includes collecting data from individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their staff and family members.

Megan Perez is a fourth-year doctoral student in clinical psychology. She is a member of the Pediatric and Health Psychology lab under the mentorship of Dr. Larry Mullins. She is interested in research and clinical work in parent and child adjustment to severe and life-threatening illnesses, particularly pediatric cancer, as well as improving end-of-life care for children and their families.

Nikita Ramakrishnan, from Salem, Oregon, is a third-year doctoral student in counseling psychology. She serves as the assistant director at the Counseling and Counseling Psychology Clinic, a counseling intern at the Warren-Alexander Group private practice, and a shelter advocate at Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services. She is passionate about contributing research and clinical services to improve services for survivors of sexual trauma, expand sexual health education and advocate for multicultural feminist ethics. Her future goals include supervising future counselors.

Caroline Roberts, originally from Fort Worth, Texas, is a third-year doctoral student in clinical psychology. She is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Society of Pediatric Psychology student advisory board, co-chair of its Network of Campus Representatives and student representative in its pediatric gastroenterology special interest group. She is interested in investigating youth psychosocial adjustment to acute and chronic illnesses and the role of illness appraisals and family variables. Her future ambitions are to improve youth and family adjustment to chronic health conditions as well as serve as a mentor to young researchers and undergraduate students to help promote future generations of scientists and problem solvers.

Abby Ross, originally from Enid, Oklahoma, is a master’s student in marriage and family therapy. She has a strong interest in working with adolescents in therapy. As a future marriage and family therapist, she has a dream to facilitate resiliency and strength in her clients, enabling each to realize their capability of living life to the fullest and making meaning from any tragedy they may face.

Logan Smith, from Vero Beach, Florida, is a second-year doctoral student in clinical psychology. He is interested in research investigating suicide prediction and prevention in first responders and members of the military, as well as other populations. His future ambitions are to continue conducting research into the development, maintenance and risk factors of suicide ideation and behavior as well as running a clinical practice. Additionally, he hopes to serve as a mentor to young students and researchers who express an interest in psychology more broadly. 

Katie Traino, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a second-year doctoral student in clinical psychology. Her current research interests include better understanding and conceptualizing short- and long-term child, parent and family adjustment and functioning outcomes in multiple pediatric chronic illness populations. Her long-term goals are to conduct collaborative research and clinical work to enhance children’s and families’ skills in managing medical care and navigating the health care system.


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