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Oklahoma State University police recruits
From left: Briana Page, Bryant Jarvis and Michael Freer are three new police recruits who will serve OSU’s Stillwater and Tulsa campuses

OSU Police Department hires new recruits

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Media Contact: Shannon Rigsby | Public Information Officer | 405-744-9081 |

The Oklahoma State University Police Department has hired three new police recruits to serve OSU’s Stillwater and Tulsa campuses.

The three recruits —  Briana Page, Michael Freer and Bryant Jarvis — come from different backgrounds and are all excited to serve the OSU campus.

“I really enjoyed the department's work environment and people,” Freer said. “From my perspective back then, the administration is very supportive of its officers and fights to take care of them as much as they can. The officers here have a strong bond with one another and the community.”

The recruits are dedicated to serving the Stillwater community and OSU campus. They said they’re passionate about the job they do for the community. 

“I know I wanted to help people and to be a small part in changing something for the better,” Page said. “I felt like getting into law enforcement would be the best option for me. It's my small way of being the change.”

Freer said he feels a sense of accomplishment when he serves others.

“It could be listening to them, providing them with resources to get the help they need, or helping them change their tire,” Freer said. “The idea of getting paid full time to help people, as well as the concept that every day can be different, are big reasons for choosing this line of work.” 

The OSU Police Department is committed to providing a safe environment for the OSU campus. The police recruits said they’re excited to continue the culture of safety and service to the OSU community.

“I chose the OSU campus police due to wanting to work in a smaller community of people so I can get to know people,” Jarvis said.  

Page said she’s looking forward to her own personal growth that she can have in the career.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” Page said.  “I’m also looking forward to what the university will bring me. There are so many benefits to working for OSU.” 

Story By: Olivia Trolinger |

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