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Duncan-Andrade Named 2019 Brock International Prize in Education Laureate

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Brock International Prize in Education recipient Jeff Duncan-Andrade

Jeff Duncan-Andrade, associate professor of raza studies at San Francisco State University, has been named the 2019 Brock International Prize in Education Laureate for his significant contributions to the field of education, particularly surrounding his work as a practitioner-researcher in urban education. This honor recognizes the ideas and work of those who have contributed to the science and art of education by providing long-term benefits to humanity through change and improvement in education at any level.

Duncan-Andrade is the founder of the Community Responsive Education (CRE) group, which works domestically and internationally to develop more equitable school environments. He also founded the Roses in Concrete Community School, a lab school designed to provide a viable alternative model for urban education by prioritizing culturally affirming trauma responsive school relationship as the pathway to building healthy and sustainable communities. 

“We are honored to have Jeff Duncan-Andrade as our 2019 Laureate,” said Brock Prize founder, John. A. Brock. “The Prize is about educational ideas that make a difference, and his work in creating and helping others create positive, equitable learning environments is significant in transforming educational outcomes for all children. We look forward to making his ideas known to the broader education community and to the world.”

Duncan-Andrade was selected among nine nominees by jurors from around the country who convened in October to determine this year’s honoree.

“Jeff Duncan-Andrade has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the art of critical pedagogy and centrality of hope in serving our nation’s most vulnerable youth,” said Kelly Wilson, dean of High Tech High Graduate School of Education. “As a committed father, teacher, school founder and practitioner-researcher working in East Oakland for over 25 years, Jeff’s proximity to pain and the needs of urban youth situate him uniquely to understand the nuances of designing community responsive education.”

Duncan-Andrade will be formally honored at the annual Brock Prize Symposium on Wednesday, March 6 on the OSU-Tulsa campus. He will be the featured speaker at the event, which is open to the public. In addition to the monetary award of $40,000, Duncan-Andrade will receive a vellum certificate denoting the honor and a sculpture of legendary Native American educator Sequoyah.

“It is difficult to capture in words or sentiment how humbled and honored I am to be the 2019 Brock Prize Laureate,” said Duncan-Andrade. “This is an award that honors my big homies who have worked so hard to blow open doors and blaze pathways that made it possible for me to push the field in ways that they never really could. This is an award that acknowledges that our communities deserve something fundamentally different from our public schools. The selection committee has made a statement here that our field is going to move in a radically different direction and we are going to make that move right now.”

This marks the 18th year this prestigious award has been given in cooperation with Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tulsa.

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