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Faculty and staff recognized for excellence

Friday, September 18, 2020


Eleven faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Sciences were recognized for excellence in service, mentorship, creativity and innovation at the college’s annual Faculty and Staff Awards reception originally set for May 2020 but held virtually Sept. 17, 2020.

In the July 2020, the College of Education, Health and Aviation (EHA) and the College of Human Sciences (CoHS) combined to launch OSU’s new College of Education and Human Sciences. The 2019-2020 faculty and staff awards represent the two original colleges. 

faculty and staff award witte

The EHA Research Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Shelbie Witte, head of the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences. Witte is a professor of adolescent literacy and English education and is the Kim and Chuck Watson Endowed Chair in Education. Dr. Adrienne Sanogo, associate dean for Academic Programs and Student Services, has seen firsthand Witte’s impact.

"Dr. Shelbie Witte is an exceptional scholar,” Sanogo said. “With a focus on literacy in a digital age and multimodal approaches to adolescent literacy learning, she has made significant contributions to her field. Her research not only brings national recognition to OSU and the college, her work continues to impact the lives of countless teachers and students across this nation. I am honored to have her as a colleague."


faculty and staff award bailey

The EHA Leadership and Service Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Lu Bailey, associate professor in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation. Dr. Bailey teaches and conducts research in gender, race, and sexuality studies, as well as the theoretical foundations of inquiry. Dr. Guoping Zhao, professor and program coordinator of Social Foundations, sees excellency in Bailey’s work.

"Dr. Bailey’s service orientation touches upon the essence of service and leadership at a land-grant institution: it is to serve the goals and inspirations of others that she leads, moving towards the common good," Zhao said.

faculty and staff award angle

The EHA Graduate Faculty Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Julie Angle, associate professor of science education. Angle’s research interests include designing strategies to strengthen preservice teachers’ understanding of nature and science and preparing teachers to teach science through an inquiry approach. Witte is proud of Angle’s impact.

"Dr. Angle personifies the power of the land-grant mission in her work with all students and community partners,” Witte said.

faculty and staff award kulling

The EHA Frank and Carol Morsani College of Education Outstanding Staff Award was presented to Kristen Kulling, graduate coordinator in the College of Education and Human Sciences. Dr. Christine Johnson, associate dean for Research and Graduate Studies, appreciates the impact Kulling has on students.

“Kristen is committed to contributing to the success of others,” Johnson said. “She is knowledgeable of Graduate College policies and practices, and she is viewed as a go-to, resourceful person. Recently a graduate program coordinator told me, ‘She is extremely reliable and responsive. She makes my job much easier.’"

faculty and staff award porter

The EHA Mentorship Award was presented to Pamela Porter, fiscal operations specialist. In a position managing many behind-the-scenes details, Cindy Haseley, finance director for the College of Education and Human Sciences, believes Porter shines brightly.

"I have only worked with Pam this past year, and I have found her to be one of the most positive, conscientious people I know,” Haseley said. “She truly cares about the college, and it shows. She has a great deal of knowledge and throughout this merger process has helped others understand old processes while also being willing to learn and adapt to new processes.  She is highly valued and respected by everyone she interacts with. I truly appreciate her."

faculty and staff award payette

The EHA Staff Creativity Award was presented to Amy Payette, grant manager in the Research and Graduate Studies area. In a position requiring careful attention to small details, Johnson believes Payette makes a big impact.

"Amy is a great team member,” Johnson said. “She takes considerable care to ensure that the scholarly and academic activities of our faculty, staff and students are presented in the most positive light. We appreciate Amy’s can-do attitude, as well as her proactive nature for follow-up and follow-through."

faculty and staff award noftsger

The CoHS Service, Teamwork, Attitude and Reliability (STAR) Award was presented to Jarrod Noftsger and CJ Hubbard. Noftsger is the assistant head of the Department of Human Development and Family Science and works to promote awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault and child advocacy. Dr. Sissy Osteen, head of the Department of Human Development and Family Science, sees Noftsger’s tireless efforts firsthand.

“Mr. Noftsger puts his heart and mind to use in offering the best customer service experience to all faculty, staff, students, parents, and stakeholders by finding common ground and satisfactory solutions,” Osteen said. “He also does a tremendous job of articulating the importance of Human Development and Family Science. Through these talents he impacts the department in ways that allow people to do their work and feel that they make a difference."

faculty and staff awards hubbard

Hubbard is the informational technology supervisor for the College of Education and Human Sciences. Bob Belknap, a computer specialist, is part of Hubbard’s team.

“CJ keeps our college technology running seamlessly in more ways than you could list,” Belknap said. “It’s thanks to his wide area of expertise and tremendous work ethic that we are able to flourish in difficult times, while bringing new and exciting ideas to our college.”

faculty and staff award cole

The Marguerite Scruggs Award for Early Career Meritorious Research was presented to Dr. Ki Cole, assistant professor in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation. Within the field of research, evaluation, measurement and statistics, Cole specializes in instrument development and psychometrics. Dr. Mwarumba Mwavita, associate professor in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation, has seen Cole’s work ethic firsthand.

"Dr. Ki Cole is a diligent researcher, teacher, and one who is devoted to service - a wonderful colleague,” Mwavita said. “I am proud that she is being recognized for the Marguerite Scruggs Award for Early Career Meritorious Research!"

faculty and staff award vance

The Undergraduate Research Mentor Award was presented to Dr. Matt Vance, assistant professor of aviation and space education. Vance’s research interests include aircrew attributable errors and victories, passenger aptitude for autonomous commercial air travel, and smaller unmanned aerial systems. Dr. Chad Depperschmidt, head of the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation, has seen Vance’s strong leadership of OSU aviation students.

"Dr. Vance has continually sought opportunities to mentor undergraduate students in various research projects,” Depperschmidt said. “Dr. Vance’s mentorship has introduced students to the research process and inspired them to explore and improve as a result of the experiences."


faculty and staff award joyce

The CoHS Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award was presented to Dr. Jill Joyce, assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences. Joyce researches tactical athlete and first responder nutrition. Dr. Stephen Clarke, head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, is excited by Joyce’s contribution to the department. 

“In the short time Dr. Joyce has been at OSU, she has positively impacted student success through her approaches to mentoring students,” Clarke said. “She not only works closely with students on a one-on-one basis, but also creates a culture of shared experience through the team-building activities that she facilitates among her students. She has established multiple relationships with community partners that provide our students real-world opportunities for community engagement."

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