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The 2016 Flying Aggies with their plane

OSU Flying Aggies Win Regional Title for 3-Peat

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

For the third straight year, the Oklahoma State University Flying Aggies Flight Team placed first in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association SAFECON Region VI Competition, held in Norman, Okla., October 17-20. Oklahoma State defeated eight other schools to win the region and secure a place in the national competition in May 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.

Two Aggies holding their championship trophy

OSU totaled 508 points, including a competition-best 326 points in Flight Events. The University of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska-Omaha also move on to the national competition with second and third place finishes, respectively. 

OSU team members are Nate Anders, Zachary Alstatt, Alex Dunbar, Clifton Durante, Andrew Edgeller, David Koch, Dillon Lain, Bennett Miller, Rusty Ridenour, and Harrison Stegmann. Jared Dunlap and College of Education aviation assistant professor Matt Vance serve as coaches for the team.

“[OSU’s] team won the overall event primarily with strong flight performance but also because every team member contributed to the win,” said Dr. Vance. “Team captain Harrison Stegmann and co-captain Benny Miller led eight other team members to victory over the four-day competition which included four flying events and five ground events.”

Flying Aggies having fun after winning

Three team members placed in the top 10 scoring of all competitors. Top individual performers included Durante (second), Miller (tied for fourth) and Stegmann (10th). Durante and Miller also placed second and third, respectively, in the top pilot category. Durante was the top scoring contestant in the power-off landing while Stegmann placed fourth in the category. Miller finished second in the simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation. Miller, Durante and Stegmann placed second, third and fourth, respectively, in the short field landing division.

Competition events included Aircraft Preflight Inspection, Computer Accuracy, Message Drop, Aircraft Recognition, Short Field Approach and Ground Trainer.

Link to full results:

Data Table
School by Overall Ranking Points
Oklahoma State University 508
University of Nebraska - Omaha 468
Kansas State University - Salina 414
Southeastern Oklahoma State University 361
University of Central Missouri 253
St. Louis University Parks College 219
University of Oklahoma


Data Table
School by Flights Events Ranking Points

1. Oklahoma State University

2. Kansas State University - Salina 278
3. University of Nebraska - Omaha 263
4. Southeastern Oklahoma State University 174
5. St. Louis University Parks College 146
6. University of Central Missouri 105
7. University of Oklahoma 65
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