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Aviation Students Inspire Children

Monday, November 13, 2017

Two College of Education, Health and Aviation students represented the college by volunteering at the Stillwater WONDERtorium and allowing children to learn more about aviation. Jasmine Bailey, an Aviation Management major, and Phillip Parker, an Aerospace Administration and Operations major, created hands-on activities and crafts as a way to teach children about airplanes.

Bailey and Parker created handouts for the kids that illustrated simple airplane forces, fun facts about aviation and a word search puzzle with the parts of an airplane. They also created a connect the dots activity with various historical aircraft. These activities engaged the students and taught them new information about aviation in a fun and imaginative way.

Bailey and Parker brought foam airplane kits for the children to put together as a craft and also gave away prizes to the kids such as OSU notebooks, pencils, stickers and bracelets. They brought model airplanes and books about planes for the students to enjoy.

“One kid pointed to my UPS 747 model and said, ‘I really like this airplane because of the tail and the wings and the engines,’” Parker said. “That really brought me down memory lane when I was a kid and didn’t know much about planes, but I knew I wanted to fly them when I grew up.”

The WONDERtorium in Stillwater is a museum that designs educational exhibits and programs for Oklahoma’s children. The WONDERtorium emphasizes hands-on engagement and learning through experience, curiosity and imagination.

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