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After completing a bachelor’s degree in exercise science at Ohio State University, Bush decided to pursue a master’s in educational leadership with an option in college student development at Oklahoma State University.

Meet Hannah Bush: educational leadership master's student

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Media Contact: Katie Lacey | Communications Specialist | 405-744-9347 |

Hannah Bush started her education at a different OSU. After completing a bachelor’s degree in exercise science at Ohio State University, Bush decided to pursue a master’s in educational leadership with an option in college student development at Oklahoma State University.

She discusses her time at Oklahoma State and the internship opportunity that challenged and further developed her passion in education. Students in the college student development program participate in internships, and Bush completed hers at the Stevens Institute of Technology in the Office of Student Life. Held in a traditional setting, the internship gave her the opportunity to impact the orientation and first year experience for students. Bush’s purpose is to influence students the same way educators have impacted her — through compassion, inspiration and guidance. 

How did you know OSU was the right fit for you and your academic/career goals? 

One of the first in-class discussions centered around social justice and our individual role in the world. I have such a vivid memory of sitting in class and being amazed at what I was going to learn from both the faculty and my peers around me. The faculty challenge us to think critically and dive into conversation. My peers and I willingly accepted the challenge and I knew immediately that I had made the right choice. These people and this program challenge and support me in ways that have shaped and fostered me into the professional I am striving to become. 

What sparked your interest in educational leadership?

As an undergrad, I attended a regional conference that ignited my passion for education. I was inspired by a keynote speaker who was the Vice President of Student Affairs. Her leadership, passion for students and ability to inspire others opened my eyes to a career I instantly knew I wanted to pursue. I was completely enamored with everything she was saying and felt I had found my purpose. That moment at the conference, listening to her speak, was when I was able to put the pieces together that I wanted to go into educational leadership and student affairs to make a positive impact on young adults. 

How did you learn and grow through your internship with Stevens Institute of Technology that will help you in your career?

I absolutely loved my time at Stevens Institute of Technology, and it has been one of the highlights of my entire life! The knowledge, skill and confidence I took away from this experience was priceless. Prior to my internship, I learned and grew in many ways through my assistantship at Oklahoma State. When I arrived at my internship, I was challenged to step into a new role working in orientation, and I quickly grew in my skill set, leadership and confidence. Thanks to the support of my supervisor and colleagues, I excelled in my tasks and felt proud leaving work every day. I was finally seeing myself as a successful student affairs professional. Now, I have a completely different mindset regarding my ability to be a successful young student affairs professional, thanks to my internship at Stevens Institute of Technology.

What are your plans after graduation?

Ideally, I want to work in student affairs at a small private university in an urban area, as I loved my time in New York City this past summer and would love to go back! There are multiple areas of student affairs I would love to specialize in — orientation, first- year experience, housing and student life — but I don’t necessarily have a preference. The most important priority is to find the right fit for me. I believe once I find the job, I will find the area I want to work in. 

How do you want to make an impact in education?

I think the biggest way to make an impact is by being there for students and showing them that you care about them as a whole person. My main goal as an educator is to allow students to be themselves and help them grow in their journey. I treat every interaction I have with a student as a privilege — because it really is one! The opportunity to positively change someone’s life is a gift, and that is something that will stay at the forefront of my practice.

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