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MAE assistant professor named Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Advisor

Monday, August 26, 2019

MAE assistant professor Dr. Kurt Rouser named Tau Beta Pi 2019 Outstanding Advisor.

Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honor Society, has named Dr. Kurt Rouser, Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF, their 2019 Outstanding Advisor. 

Tau Beta Pi was founded in 1885 at Lehigh University and is the world’s largest engineering society with 248 engineering colleges in the United States and active alumni chapters in 45 cities, and has initiated more than 601,000 members in its 134-year history. 

This is the 25th Outstanding Advisor award presented by Tau Beta Pi in recognition of outstanding performance among chapter advisors, lauds excellence in engineering education, and in the ethical practice of engineering. The honor comes along with a commemorative plaque and $1,000 for Rouser, as well as a $1,000 grant that will be added to the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology’s (CEAT) discretionary fund. 

Rouser has been responsible for leading and revitalizing Tau Beta Pi chapters. He served as the chief advisor for the student Colorado Zeta Chapter for three years before joining Oklahoma State in 2016 where he became the chief advisor for the student Oklahoma Gamma Chapter. Rouser also founded and served as president of the alumni Pikes Peak Chapter in Colorado and the Pioneer Chapter in Oklahoma, the only Tau Beta Pi alumni chapter in the state. 

Rouser took over the Gamma Chapter, which was struggling to increase its member numbers and participation, and he gave it new life by increasing exposure and member involvement. “As I see it, the first order of business to reinvigorating a chapter is to get invitations out, and make sure students know what the society is,” Rouser said. Making Tau Beta Pi visible and accessible was the first thing Rouser did after taking over each of the student chapters. 

At Oklahoma State, Rouser wanted to make sure that there was a Bent, the society’s symbol, monument on campus. He secured funding from alumni members and contributions from administrators in CEAT in order to make sure that the Bent that stands at the southeast corner of the Advanced Technology Research Center, was visible to students. 

“[This award] means a lot to me,” Rouser said, “to be recognized alongside some of these renowned advisors puts me in really good company.” The past recipients, according to Rouser, are known for having really well-run chapters and is something that Rouser hopes was part of his recognition as Outstanding Advisor. 

Even with the award, Rouser’s work is far from over. He has goals for himself and the Tau Beta Pi chapter at OSU. He wants the chapter to continue refining its structure and to continue its growth and outreach both on campus and in the community. 

“At the end of the day, I’m most satisfied when I see my students taking on challenges and doing well.” 

The official Tau Beta Pi release can be found here


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