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Oklahoma State University

New Diversity/Inclusion position added to CEAT

Monday, February 10, 2020

Yokolanda Speight was appointed the new Diversity and Inclusion coordinator for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology.

Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) is pleased to announce it has re-established its Diversity and Inclusion Student Programs (formally known as Multicultural Engineering Program [MEP] and Women in Engineering, Architecture and Technology [WEAT]). To lead these efforts, Yokolanda Speight will be moving forward as the new Diversity and Inclusion coordinator.

“This position will support, promote and develop our students and their organizations, as well as our college’s efforts to be inclusive of all perspectives, opinions and backgrounds,” said Lance Millis, director of CEAT Student Academic Services.

In her new role, Speight will work with all CEAT student organizations to foster diversity, inclusion and collaboration. She will be a primary contact for major employers who wish to identify student engagement opportunities in CEAT.

Speight holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from OSU and has been employed at OSU CEAT for 14 years in the Office of Student Academic Services. During that time, she took a proactive role in leading the college’s diversity programs, while supporting students and their organizations.  

“Yoko is an incredible asset for the college, and she has been for years. We’re excited she’s taken on this new challenge and are looking forward to the future,” Millis added. 

Speight’s leadership is already evident in several major CEAT programs including the Summer Bridge Program, the monthly CEAT Diversity and Inclusion Company Spotlight and the annual Leadership Awards Banquet. She also co-founded two of the seven organizations serving underrepresented students in CEAT and formed the Dean’s Student Advisory Board to serve as a bridge between CEAT students and administration.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to continue supporting CEAT students in their academic and leadership endeavors,” Speight said. “I believe that diversity and inclusion programs are vital to ensuring everyone has a seat at the table and their voices are heard. It is my hope that these continued efforts bring about not only more diversity, but also a more unified student body.”

Thanks to Speight’s efforts in serving the student body, in June of 2019, CEAT was one of 28 institutions in the U.S. to receive the Bronze Award and Exemplary Status from the American Society for Engineering Education (one of only two schools in the Big 12). This distinguishes OSU CEAT among the nation’s leaders in inclusive excellence, making CEAT a vital part of OSU’s overall status as “the most highly decorated institution in the nation as the recipient of nationally prestigious diversity and inclusion awards and recognitions.”

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