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Aaron Molett, maintenance technician supervisor at OSU-CHS and OSU-Tulsa
Aaron Molett, maintenance technician supervisor at OSU-CHS and OSU-Tulsa

OSU Health Care Heroes: Aaron Molett

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

OSU Health Care Heroes is a series highlighting those from the OSU-CHS community who have gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve their institution, community and state.

What is your role here at OSU-CHS?
I am supervisor of the maintenance technicians and we help with office and equipment moves, setting up events, collecting and storing surplus furniture and equipment at OSU-CHS as well as those same duties at the OSU Tulsa campus.
How long have you been here?
I have been working for OSU for 12 years and love it here.
What do you enjoy about working at OSU-CHS?
I enjoy the family-type atmosphere and the daily challenges we face. I also love the group of people I work with in facilities; it definitely makes my day easier.
In what ways has your role and responsibilities grown and changed due to COVID-19?
Well, the biggest change for me and my team would definitely be having to get our temperature checked daily, and also not having students and faculty on campus. That took some getting used to in the very beginning. The other thing would be trying to adjust to what now is the new normal, like wearing a mask and keeping your distance, as well as trying to complete our daily tasks. Although we aren’t having any events, we are still working on office moves and dealing with other projects.
How did you step up to meet these new challenges?
Delivering cleaning kits and getting COVID signage out were big for me and my team. It was important to get those delivered and placed so the public was aware of the changes going on in the clinics. The temperature checks were one of the things that we—facilities team— really stepped up to meet the staffing challenge, and to make sure our areas were clean as well as those areas that we did any work in.
What did you learn about yourself, your co-workers and your workplace, OSU-CHS, during this time?
For myself, when things got really tough and we were shorthanded we just pushed through it and continued to work hard to make sure that everything was getting done that needed to get done. I also learned that I work with an absolutely awesome team of people. Our communications during this COVID-19 pandemic was unbelievable. As for the overall experience through this, I really think OSU-CHS did a tremendous job getting information to me and my fellow employee. We were never left out.

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