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Lincoln Folkers (left) from Reliance Oilfield Services and John Frucci from the OSU-CHS School of Forensic Sciences.
Lincoln Folkers (left) from Reliance Oilfield Services and John Frucci from the OSU-CHS School of Forensic Sciences.

Reliance Oilfield Services makes gift to School of Forensic Sciences

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Media Contact: Sara Plummer | Communications Coordinator | 918-561-1282 |

Reliance Oilfield Services, LLC, has recently made a gift-in-kind to the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences’ School of Forensic Sciences.

Reliance donated supplies for the Center for Fire and Explosives, Forensic Investigation, Training and Research (CENFEX) Range. The CENFEX range is where OSU-CHS students receive field training in Explosives Investigation, part of the Arson, Explosives, Firearms and Toolmark’s (AEFTI) master’s and doctoral programs, offered by the School of Forensic Sciences.

The range also serves as a training, testing and research site for local, state and federal law enforcement and military explosives personnel. Areas of training and research include safe handling of explosives and training on the latest improvised explosive devices. The AEFTI program has multiple instruments which assist in teaching investigators about crater measurement, pressure wave, sound and ground vibration. Several advanced post-blast investigation courses are offered based on years of military response with IED’s overseas.

The Reliance donation included energetic materials to be used in the training of explosives students, and federal, state, local and military bomb technicians. These materials will allow students, bomb squads and military EOD units to gain experience and knowledge of the materials while in a safe, controlled environment. Reliance also donated electronic equipment to be used in conjunction with the energetic materials as well as metal work benches to be used in the fabrication process. 

“We are grateful for this substantial donation from Reliance Oilfield Services. Without donations like these from Reliance, we would not be able to effectively train our students and first responders throughout Oklahoma,” said John Frucci, EdD, Arson, Explosives, Firearms and Toolmarks program director and CENFEX director.

“Every day, first responders risk their lives to ensure our safety. Reliance Oilfield Services is proud to have the opportunity to provide the tools needed for the students of OSU Center for Health Sciences to better educate themselves on how to protect and serve their communities,” said Lincoln Folkers, U.S. Director of Health, Safety, and Environment for Reliance Oilfield Services.

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