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Peanut Butter & Dogs

Monday, November 16, 2015

Peanut Butter & Dogs

Pet owners beware; some companies have started adding xylitol to peanut butter, a sugar substitute that can be deadly to dogs.

According to a story originally aired on KFSN (California), xylitol can cause a dog’s blood sugar to drop rapidly and can lead to liver failure. It has been reported that xylitol is 100 times more toxic than chocolate to dogs.

Most traditional brands of peanut butter do not contain xylitol; however, experts caution owners to check the label to be sure. Xylitol is not an artificial sweetener. It can also be found in gum, toothpaste and candy and is normally found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables. Xylitol is classified as a ‘sugar alcohol.’ If the package says ‘sweetened naturally’ or that it uses a ‘natural sweetener,’ look closer at the label to see if xylitol is listed.

If your dog consumes xylitol, consult your veterinarian right away. Signs could be shaking, shivering, vomiting, and depression. It can lead to seizures and a coma. If caught early enough, most dogs can be saved; however, sometimes the liver damage is irreversible.

For more information see KFOR’s story or information from the Pet Poison Helpline.

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