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A Safe Haven for Pets

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Safe Haven for Pets

by Elisabeth J. Giedt, DVM

Thanks to a generous donation from the estate of Ms. Leah Cohn Arendt, matched by Oklahoma State University funds, the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences established the Cohn Pet Care Facility.  In 1998, the facility opened offering pet owners long term care and a home for their beloved family members long after the owner is gone.

The Facility

Located on 8 acres of land north of the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital, the building is 6,600 sq. ft.  Special features include an apartment, where a live-in attendant provides 24-hour care, and a cat room.  The cat room was specifically designed to meet the exercise needs of cats and is located inside where the sun shines into the room most of the day.

The Cohn facility includes an area designated for veterinary medical examinations, treatment and grooming.  Dog kennels with attached outdoor runs are available.  The Cohn facility also provides a ‘visiting’ area where animals can enjoy being with people in an atmosphere that is ‘just like home.’  This area was recently updated thanks to a donation from Vicki Palmer, a beloved friend of the veterinary center.

How does the program work?

With the Cohn Pet Care Facility Continual Care Program, owners can secure long term care for their pet after they are gone.  Owners create an endowment to provide health care, grooming and veterinary care for their pet.  The endowment can be customized to permanently house a pet at the Cohn facility or establish an adoption plan once the pet arrives at the facility.

When establishing an endowment, you have the chance to tell us all about your pet—what it likes, a typical day in the life of, etc.  You can also list specific requirements for potential adopters.  For example, if your dog prefers mature people, you can specify that the new owner does not have small children. 

You can also name a friend or family member who will be responsible for adopting your pet while also ensuring all of its veterinary medical care will be provided by OSU through the endowment you establish.

While your pet is at the Cohn Pet Care Facility, your endowment fund covers all daily costs such as food, toys and bedding as well as any medical procedures, routine veterinary visits and vaccines.  OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital is staffed with board certified experts in their field ensuring your pet receives quality and timely attention.

For more information or to secure your own beloved pet’s place at the Cohn Pet Care Facility, please contact Heather Clay, Sr. Director of Development at the OSU Foundation, at (405) 385-5607 or


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