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Oklahoma State University

Milo: Next Steps

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Dr. Erik Clary and Milo.

Milo, the now famous puppy born with upside down front paws, is making progress in his recovery from corrective surgery performed on January 9 at OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Dr. Erik Clary, Milo’s board-certified small animal surgeon, removed the temporary pins from Milo’s elbows on Monday.

“As of today, Milo is bandage free,” reported Clary. “We are now working with our veterinary rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Cara Blake, to implement a course of therapy aimed on improving the range of motion in Milo’s elbows, strengthening his limb muscles, and teaching him how to walk.”

Drs. Clary and Blake anticipate Milo will spend several weeks in rehabilitative therapy. If you would like to support Milo’s journey to wellness, please contact Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary at 405-655-9885. Donations to the Luther, Oklahoma nonprofit organization are tax deductible.

Stay tuned for more news as Milo travels the road to recovery.


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