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Oklahoma State Veterinary Center Faculty Recognized for Excellence

Friday, April 19, 2019

Left photo: Dr. Rocky Bigbie presents the Zoetis Excellence in Research Award to Dr. Andrew Hanzlicek (right). Right photo: Dr. Rocky Bigbie presents the Zoetis Teaching Award to Dr. Jill Akkerman (right).

Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences recently recognized faculty members for their excellence in research and teaching.

Dr. Andrew Hanzlicek received the Zoetis Excellence in Research Award. Presented by former Zoetis representative Dr. Rocky Bigbie, the award goes to a top researcher at the veterinary center.

Hanzlicek is an associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and holds the Kirkpatrick Chair in Small Animal Medicine. His current areas of research include investigating small animal kidney, urinary, infectious, and hematologic diseases.

Dr. Jill Akkerman received the Zoetis Teaching Award. Also presented by Dr. Rocky Bigbie, this award goes to a teacher who exudes excellence in the classroom. Akkerman is an associate professor of anatomy in the Department of Physiological Sciences.

The veterinary center also recognized a faculty member from each year of the DVM program. Established in 1993, the Class Teaching Awards give students an opportunity to honor their instructors. Each class votes on an instructor who they believe exhibits the characteristics of an inspirational teacher including enthusiasm, organizational skills, dedication, interest in student learning, caring, and professionalism.

2019 Class Teaching Award recipients

akkerman and longhouse
Courtney Longhouse, class of 2022 representative, presents the First Year Class Teaching Award to Dr. Jill Akkerman.
yoast, rudd and plett
Class of 2021 representatives Greg Yoast (left) and Caleb Plett (right) present the Second Year Class Teaching Award to Dr. Jennifer Rudd (center).
hanna, grammer and boileau
Class of 2020 representatives Darby Hanna (left) and Kirsten Grammer (right) present the Third Year Class Teaching Award to Dr. Melanie Boileau (center).
jenny, smith and nafe

Class of 2019 representatives Jesse Jenny (left) and Rebecca Smith (right) present the Fourth Year Class Teaching Award to Dr. Laura Nafe (center).

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