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Commitment to Excellence

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Commitment to Excellence

In Dr. Wendy Hauser’s 28-year career, she spent 26 ½ years in American Animal Hospital Association accredited hospitals. She values AAHA’s ongoing commitment to excellence in its hospitals and the difference that makes for clients, patients and teams. Hauser’s veterinary business, Peak Veterinary Consulting, is also committed to excellence by “Creating Happy Teams and Healthy Hospitals.”

“I enjoy consulting and presenting workshops on hospital culture, leadership, client relations and operations,” says Hauser, a 1988 alumna of OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. “I perform limited relief veterinary services as part of my consultancy. I believe it is critical to keep a finger on the ‘pulse’ of veterinary medicine at its foundational level—the examination room. My approach to consulting is influenced by my real world experiences as a veterinarian who built a successful hospital from the ground up.”

From the time Hauser graduated from veterinary college, she also committed to being involved in the profession of veterinary medicine.  Her volunteerism includes:

·         Southeast Pennsylvania local veterinary group leadership

·         Medical Advisory Board for the corporate aggregator she sold her hospital to in 2009

·         Collaborator and co-facilitator for the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association Power of Ten Recent Graduate Leadership Academy

·         Communications coach at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine

·         AAHA task forces that created the AAHA business group initiative and the regional associate development course

·         Veterinarian director on the AAHA Board of Directors in 2012

·         AAHA Board vice-president in 2015

When asked what her greatest accomplishment with AAHA is, she quickly replies.

“Being involved. ‘Self’ doesn’t exist on this board. By being a thoughtful, hardworking board member, participation is centered on collaboratively making the best choices for our members and providing resources to help them continue to succeed. Serving in AAHA leadership is truly one of the highlights of my veterinary career. As part of a team that helps direct the vision and mission of AAHA, I have been inspired to continuously develop new perspectives and skill sets. The only negative is saying goodbye as I transition from the AAHA Board into the different role of representing AAHA members in the American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates.”

Hauser encourages others to follow in her footsteps.

“Please be involved,” she says. “The strength of any organization is the sum total of the commitment of its members. By participating, the individual brings a different set of experiences and perspectives that will help build a vibrant, sustainable organization and enriches the volunteer’s life.”

Hauser (nee’ Mohr) grew up in Claremore, Okla. She decided at age 9 to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Her involvement with 4-H exposed her to Oklahoma State University. She completed her undergraduate studies at OSU and never considered attending veterinary school anywhere else.

“At that time, I wasn’t aware of the common application process. I still ‘bleed’ orange to this day,” she adds.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, check with local veterinary organizations, AAHA or the AVMA.

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