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Oklahoma State University

Milo: Making Progress on Road to Recovery

Monday, January 28, 2019

Dr. Erik Clary and Milo.

At Milo’s second bandage change, his surgeon, Dr. Erik Clary, is pleased with the puppy’s progress.

“At Milo’s second bandage change, his pins are still holding stable,” reported Clary. “His elbows remain in alignment—and that’s what we are hoping for at this stage. His bandages have been well maintained—and that is a credit to his caregiver as it is not easy to do when dealing with a puppy.”

Milo suffered from congenital dislocation of both elbows that rendered him unable to walk. Dr. Clary and his team performed corrective surgery, realigning each elbow and inserting a pin across the joints to keep them straight while tissues heal and the bones grow a bit more. Because Milo is a rapidly growing puppy, his bandage has required changing every week.

“Our plan is to take the splint off soon and remove the pins from his elbows,” said Clary. “There are no guarantees that his body will cooperate, but hopefully, if his elbows remain stable, we will be able to start the process of rehabilitative therapy. I expect we will have to teach him how to walk as he has never done that before.” 

Milo continues to amaze everyone as his story has reached across the nation and beyond.

“Milo has become a bit of a rock star,” commented Clary. “He’s also a great patient. As well as a puppy can tolerate being in an immobilizing front body splint, he’s doing a great job.”

Watch for more news on Milo’s road to recovery.

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