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Incoming class of CEHS Ambassadors

70 student ambassadors selected to serve the incoming freshmen class

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Media Contact: Kirsi McDowell | Senior Communications Specialist | 405-744-9347 |

College is an exciting part of life when students can discover their passion and make lasting memories and connections. It’s also a time of transition and growth.

The Oklahoma State University College of Education and Human Sciences’ student ambassadors step up to help with that process.

“Our college is about people,” said Scott King, student ambassador advisor. “And our student ambassadors are unique in how they are committed to impacting our students on a very personal level.”

Throughout the year, student ambassadors are tasked with supporting and guiding freshmen through their first year in college. This happens in one of two settings. A handful of student ambassadors are placed in the Program for Learning, Adjustment
and Connection Excellence — a living-learning program for students. The majority serve in a freshman orientation class where they are paired with freshmen in a peer-to-peer format.

Ambassadors connect with students on a personal level to help create a fulfilling and positive first-year experience.

“My goal is for every student to feel a sense of belonging at OSU,” said student ambassador Josh Stephens. “And, to consider themselves a valued member of the Cowboy family.”

Of the 70 student ambassadors selected, 27 have served as ambassadors previously while 43 are new student ambassadors. Over the course of the year, student ambassadors will cumulatively serve over 6,300 hours (over 8 1/2 months).

Fashion design sophomore Lauryn Huey started her journey as a student ambassador in the fall of 2023. Her hope is to make authentic connections with her mentees to ensure they feel welcome and included in the OSU community.

“I want everyone to know I am a built-in bestie and there is someone always rooting for them,” Huey said.

Many student ambassadors were inspired to step into a leadership position by their personal experiences. Student Ambassador President Elsa Berry said her mentor as a freshman made a lasting impact on her, which led her to serve as a student ambassador the past two years.

As students themselves, student ambassadors are positioned to connect with freshmen in a way faculty and advisors can’t.

“Mentorship is such an amazing opportunity and a powerful responsibility,” Berry said. “I want my peers to feel like I am someone who they can rely on, and more importantly, know OSU is a safe space. I continually advocate for inclusion, kindness and a culture of joy, which I hope they can feel. Each student, no matter their past or current circumstances, has a seat at our table.”

Photo By: Kelly Kerr

Story By: Sierra Walter ASPIRE Magazine

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