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Dr. Jami Fullerton, associate dean of the School of Global Studies

Changing the World: School of Global Studies prepares students to address global issues

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Media Contact: Kelli Norton | Communication Specialist | 405-744-5496 |

Oklahoma State University has an international legacy going back to the 1950s, but the current School of Global Studies (SGS) is much younger — formed in 2018.

In 1998, the school was founded and known as the School of International Studies, but in 2018, when Dr. Randy Kluver became the dean, the school changed its name to the SGS, hired full-time faculty and restructured the curriculum.  

Now, it offers a Master of Science degree in Global Studies with four focus areas — global trade, public diplomacy and global communication, global leadership and development, and global disaster and crisis management. SGS also offers two graduate certificates in global issues and international disaster and emergency management, as well as oversees the undergraduate minor in international studies.  

In global trade, students can study the policies and the political and legal structures that surround global trade and economic development. In global leadership and development, they can also learn about global challenges and develop skills to enable them to be leaders in addressing humanitarian and social issues.  

In the area of global communication and public diplomacy, students learn skills and theories that prepare them for careers requiring an understanding of the global communication environment. And in global disaster and crisis management, students are prepared in those areas to work for government and nonprofit organizations.  

Dr. Jami Fullerton, associate dean of SGS, said the master’s program tries to keep 50-60 graduate students enrolled, including half domestic and half international students. Currently, the program has students from approximately 10 countries.  

“The theme of our program is ‘How will you change the world?’” Fullerton said. “It is not an area studies program. It is not a political science program. It is about solving world problems and addressing global issues. So, we try to prepare our students to go out in the world and fix problems facing our world, such as in the environment, with refugees and trade.”  

Fullerton stressed the program focuses on issue themes, not regions.  

Graduate students are required to complete a thesis or an internship to earn their degree. The program helps students find internationally oriented internships, some with the U.S. Department of State and others with international NGOs and multinational companies. 

Photo by: Kelli Norton

Story By: Kelli Leech | GLOBAL Magazine

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