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When Pedro Pantoja graduated from OSU in 1961, his love and affinity for his alma mater continued to grow.

Thankful for a Strong Foundation

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Alumnus uses a charitable gift annuity to build his legacy at OSU

By Aimee Furrie 

During a life fueled by family and filled with adventures from around the world, Pedro Pantoja always gave credit to Oklahoma State University — and now he’s building his legacy at his alma mater.

At just 19 years old, Pantoja moved to Oklahoma from his native country of Mexico, quickly finding a new home among the orange and black. “I always wanted to come to America,” he said, reminiscing about the venture to OSU. “People here were very friendly.”

When Pantoja started at Oklahoma State, members of the Cowboy family opened up their homes to him until campus housing was available. Even still, one very special family provided ongoing support for his room and board, in addition to tuition assistance. He was a dedicated student — not only in the classroom, but also as a student worker every day in the cafeteria. This young man was determined to have the necessary funds for his education.

After graduating in 1961 with an entomology degree, Pantoja spent many years thriving in his career, visiting more than 90 countries around the world and making memories with his family. He credits much of his success to his time at OSU, as he had wonderful professors and mentors who created incredible opportunities for him. Oklahoma State’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, also known as CASNR, equipped him with the tools for success, and he wouldn’t be where he is today without this experience.

“When I finished college, my teachers helped me get a job,” he said. “These people opened doors for me.”

When Pantoja wanted to show his utmost gratitude for the opportunities made available by his alma mater, he chose to open a charitable gift annuity.

Through planned giving, he wants to pay it forward. “For me, Oklahoma is home. I love Oklahoma State University. My kids are working, traveling and doing very well, and I’m glad to be generous to other people.”

With a charitable gift annuity, Pantoja supports OSU while receiving a guaranteed fixed payment for life. The substantial reduction in income tax is beneficial, and this giving vehicle provides dependability for the security-minded.

There are several options for legacy builders to provide opportunities for the future at OSU. Planned giving has proven to be a powerful, convenient avenue for people like Pedro Pantoja who truly cherish this university.  

What is a charitable gift annuity?

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is an agreement between a donor and the OSU Foundation in which the Foundation agrees to pay the donor a fixed income for life in exchange for a gift.

The donor may designate the use of the net assets that remain after the death of the final annuitant by completing an endowment agreement and a memorandum of agreement. The minimum gift for funding an annuity is $25,000. The minimum age for life income beneficiaries of a current or deferred gift annuity is 65. The payment is a binding liability of the Foundation.

A CGA shall have an annuity rate no higher than the rate suggested by the American Council on Gift Annuities at the time the gift is funded. Under IRS regulations, the maximum number of life income beneficiaries is two.

New rates for charitable gift annuities, which will provide higher monthly income for policyholders, went into effect July 1.

To learn more about charitable gift annuities, contact Sarah Brown at or 405-385-5151.

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