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Oklahoma State University

Animal Health and Sciences

Ensure fair-bound livestock are and remain healthy

Ensure fair-bound livestock are and remain healthy

Pre- and post-fair animal health protocols should be followed. Vigilance is job one.

Putting a little “magic” in Veterinary Medicine
Wed, Sep 18, 2019

Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences treats more than 500 wildlife cases a year at the center’s Veterinary Medical Hospital. Recently a barred owl was brought to the hospital because it was unable to fly. The hospital’s avian, exotics and zoological (AEZ) medicine service treated it.

Oklahoma State Veterinary College Renamed
Mon, Sep 16, 2019

The OSU/A&M Board of Regents approved a proposal to rename OSU’s veterinary center the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ensure fall-calving replacement heifers are ready for the breeding season
Mon, Sep 16, 2019

Cattle producers who employ fall calving in their herds currently should be making certain replacement heifers to be used in late November are ready.

Secretary of Agriculture Visits OSU Veterinary College
Mon, Sep 16, 2019

Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur recently met with administrators at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Dr. Carlos Risco, dean of the veterinary college, and several members of his veterinary administrative council talked with Secretary Arthur about current and future collaboration in research and teaching. They also discussed on-going extension activities in partnership with Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Older mares face reproductive challenges
Mon, Sep 16, 2019

A horse owner recently asked me: “I have a 17-year-old mare from whom we really wish to get a foal. She has proven herself over the years as a true athlete. We have tried now for two seasons without success with a stallion of proven fertility. My regular veterinarian told me that she may have poor fertility and be hard to get pregnant. Is that really the case?”

Risco Leads Meeting to Strengthen OSU Veterinary College’s One Health and International Missions
Wed, Sep 11, 2019

Dr. Carlos Risco, dean of Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, recently led a two-day trip to New York City to solidify the center’s One Health and international exchange programs. Accompanying Risco were Drs. Jerry Malayer, associate dean of research and graduate education, and Ashish Ranjan, associate professor of physiological sciences.