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Oklahoma State University

Spears School Alumni Q&A with Tim Woods

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Timias “Tim” Woods, originally from Tulsa, Okla., received a bachelor’s degree in both business administration and economics from Oklahoma State University in 2008. He recently visited the Stillwater campus to speak to Nancy Titus-Piersma’s Real Estate Finance class to share his experiences in the real estate industry.

Woods is the National Director of Asset Services for Matthews Real Estate Investment Services in Dallas. Currently, he is focused on growing a new division at the firm and tapping into new sources of revenue.

Why did you choose to major in business?

I think I originally wanted to go into banking when I first started as a freshman. I chose economics as a major after finishing Econ 101. Something about the graphs and adjusting demand/supply curves based on the scenario provided intrigued me.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the business development portion of my job. We are creating new sources of revenue for my firm and that is exciting. It is an amazing experience to create a market for our services and help our clients reach their investment goals. Each day I face different challenges that require a new way of solving problems. Every day is different and I have the opportunity to take a blank canvas and create something beautiful. We have seen tremendous growth in our firm over the last couple years and it is really fulfilling to see how far we have come. I truly work for a great organization that provides the platform to make a significant impact on the real estate industry.

What specific OSU experiences or memories do you value most from your time at OSU? 

I was an economics major and had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Steven Levitt, economist, and author of “Freakonomics.” He autographed my copy of “Freakonomics,” which was a fantastic opportunity and experience. I loved going to football games, Sunday dinners at Chili’s with friends, and intramural sports. I was also part of things like Relay for Life and Homecoming Steering Committee, which was beneficial for me.  I enjoyed everything about my OSU experience and have very fond memories of my time in Stillwater.

How has your OSU degree helped you get where you are today?

My OSU degree has put me in a position to succeed in business and in life. This may seem simple, but simply having a college degree has opened a lot of doors for me. Having a business degree gave me the opportunity to work in diverse types of industries. There were also employers that recruited at OSU that were beneficial to connect with and ultimately be employed by. There have been times when I lived outside of the Southwest region, but the degree has always served me well.

Tell us about some achievements you are most proud of since graduating from OSU.

The opportunity to build a new division for a high growth firm has been the most significant professional achievement since graduating from OSU. I have also had the opportunity through real estate to manage very cool historical buildings with lots of history. The ultimate achievement for me has been becoming a husband and father.

Looking at where my career is now, people may be shocked to know where I started. There was a time after graduation where I worked as a concessions supervisor cooking hot dogs and cleaning grease off fryers. At the time, I thought that experience would be how my career was defined.  It is funny to look back on those times because I never expected to work in that type of role. There is value in every experience in life. Remain focused on your goals and believe in yourself even if times get hard. Luck will meet you at the intersection of hard work and opportunity.

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