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Schmidly's statement regarding the University of New Mexico

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The University of New Mexico announced today that it has narrowed its search for a new President to a list of five finalists.  Oklahoma State University System CEO and President David J. Schmidly is among that list.  Oklahoma State issued the following statements regarding the matter:
David J. Schmidly, Oklahoma State University System CEO and President

“I have informed the OSU Board of Regents that I am one of five finalists for the position of President at the University of New Mexico.  My wife, Janet, and I love OSU, consequently, we have put much thought and serious consideration into this matter.    
“I was approached about this position, which has a strong appeal because the school is the state’s flagship research university and because of strong personal ties.  Our son and his wife live in New Mexico and we have a second home there.

“We are enjoying tremendous success and momentum at OSU.  We have accomplished much over the past four-plus years and with the strategic plan and campus master plan we have in place, I am confident and optimistic that there are even greater days ahead.

“New Mexico law requires at least a 21-day review period before the position can be filled.  As the process goes forward, I will provide more details as appropriate.  

“Let me assure you, I will continue to work hard to serve the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Oklahoma State University as well as the Regents and the people of Oklahoma.”

Joe Hall, Oklahoma State University/A&M Board of Regent Chairman

“President Schmidly informed members of the Board of Regents today he is a finalist for the Presidential position at the University of New Mexico.  He made it clear in his memorandum that he is pleased with his position at Oklahoma State University and with the OSU System and noted the momentum and sense of purpose at OSU and across the System.      

“President Schmidly said he was approached by people familiar with the University of New Mexico to consider the position.  As a Board, we appreciate President Schmidly’s forthrightness in communicating his intentions to consider this opportunity and respect his desire to do so.  We will work closely with President Schmidly in the next few days and weeks as he more fully explores this opportunity.  Any further comment at this time would be out of place and premature.”

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