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Lance Millis, director of student services for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

OSU employee doubles his weight-loss goal using a free wellness resource

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

An Oklahoma State University employee has achieved double his weight-loss goal by taking advantage of a free online program known as Naturally Slim.

Lance Millis, director of student services for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, successfully used the Naturally Slim program to lose weight after learning about it from an OSU Human Resources email.  

“I haven’t changed much of anything in terms of what I eat,” Millis said. “It’s more when I eat and how much. I love chocolate cake. If I want a piece of chocolate cake, I will eat it. I know how to prevent it from becoming a bad habit.”  

The online behavior modification program provides tips and resources to encourage weight loss and health improvement. The program does not include dieting or counting calories. It focuses on helping develop the eating characteristics of people who are naturally slim. 

Through video lessons and training activities, participants are able to learn the effects certain foods and drinks can have on their bodies, which can lead to making healthier decisions.

The program starts with weekly video lessons lasting 30 minutes to an hour. During the five months Millis participated in Naturally Slim, the videos decreased to twice a week or once a month. 

“It barely takes any time, and you get something out of it,” Millis said. “Also, you value the lessons so much that the time it takes doesn’t make a difference.”  

In addition to the videos, Naturally Slim begins the program with a few activities to help people get used to and understand the program. One of Millis’ biggest takeaways from the program involved an eating exercise with a small bag of dry-roasted peanuts, which was provided in Naturally Slim’s welcome kit.  

In order to demonstrate the benefits of slow eating habits, Millis was instructed to eat the peanuts slowly while enjoying the flavor. After consuming the protein and enjoying the taste, he realized he was full.  

“Your body takes a little longer to recognize when you’re full,” Millis said. “If you like something, eat it slowly. You’ll end up eating a more appropriate amount.”  

To hold users accountable, Naturally Slim provides a mobile app for participants to track their progress by updating measurements, setting goals and counting steps. The app also allows users to connect their activity trackers, like Fitbits.

Millis set a weight-loss goal of 20 pounds. At the end of the program, he had lost 40 pounds.  

“I was unreasonable about how much I could lose,” Millis said. “I’m a huge proponent of this program. It was amazing.” 

Naturally Slim is offered at no cost to employees on the OSU Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan. Click here for additional information.  

Story by Michaela Gleason 

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