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College of Education Students Awarded Summer Research Fellowships

Monday, June 13, 2016

Eight College of Education doctoral students are receiving financial support for their research efforts this summer in the form of Robberson Summer Research Fellowships from the Oklahoma State University Graduate College. The students represent programs in Health and Human Performance, Educational Psychology, Education Technology, Research, Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics, Social Foundations, Educational Leadership, Professional Education and Education and Curriculum.

All eight students receive a two-hour tuition wavier and $4,000 to bolster their research projects.

Tara DalingerTara Dalinger, Educational Technology
Title: A simulated classroom environment offers strategic practice for preservice teachers

Summary: The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between preservice teachers’ experiences with a simulated classroom through Mursion’s TeachLivE program and their self-efficacy and the transfer of learning to live field experiences in P-12 schools. This study will seek to determine the extent to which the Mursion TeachLivE simulation experience prepares preservice teachers for interaction with live students, parents and faculty at P-12 schools.


Kelva HungerKelva Hunger, Research, Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics
Title: Modeling Statistics Anxiety by a Structural Equation Model

Summary: Statistics anxiety is an experience of nervousness, worry, apprehension, or concern when one is confronted with statistics of any sort (Onwuegbuzie et al., 1997). Statistics anxiety is a relatively new construct, and a clearer understanding of this fear is the first step in developing a plan to alleviate statistics anxiety among students. Therefore, the purpose of my research is to investigate and test a statistics anxiety model to better explain the underlying components of statistics anxiety using an analysis technique called structural equation modeling (SEM). 

Daniel MarangoniDaniel Marangoni, Educational Psychology
Title: Exploring Perceptions of Flourishing and Decision Making in the Humanities. 

Summary: The research study will use Q Methodology to gauge the perspectives of faculty regarding moral decision making.  This study samples faculty from a variety of disciplines at institutions across the country as a way of understanding what they consider to be important when making moral decisions.  The study is part of a larger investigation into the role that faculty play in influencing the moral development of students in the classroom. 


Michelle MillerMichelle Miller, Health and Human Performance
Title: Comparison of Recreational Therapy Modality and Severity of Spinal Cord Injury

Summary: Recreational therapy is a systematic health profession that focuses on rehabilitation for individuals with physically or psychologically disabling conditions. Recreational therapists use recreation, leisure, and activity-based treatments however, it remains unclear if there is a difference in modality utilized and severity of injury for patients with spinal cord injury. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the various modalities utilized by recreational therapists for patients with spinal cord injury in an acute patient physical medicine and rehabilitation facility and to determine if there is a significant difference in modalities utilized by severity of spinal cord injury, classified by the computerized severity index. 

James PatrickJames Patrick, Social Foundations
Title: Experience of Parents, Grandparents and other Caregivers of Children With Special Needs Relating to Rural Public Education

Summary: The purpose of the research is to learn about the experiences of parents, grandparents and other caregivers of children with special needs relating to the educational experiences their child/grandchild receives in a rural pubic school in the state of Oklahoma. It seeks to gain a better understating of these individuals’ perceptions of their child’s/grandchild’s educational experiences, perhaps exposing areas for improvement in the school’s special education services or even the state’s primary education system and the Individualized Educational Program.

Jenny PetersJenny Peters, Professional Education
Title: Is Bigger Actually Better?
An Analysis of Larger Mediums for Mental Models of Science and Science Teaching

Summary: People’s perceptions of scientists and science teaching are often measured using mental model tests such as the Draw-A-Scientist-Test and Draw-A-Science-Teacher-Test.  The purpose of this research is to question the traditional structure for these drawings by showcasing differences in preservice teachers’ mental models when presented with the typical 8.5”x11” paper to draw on and an 11”x14” paper. Differences in the characteristics and detail provided in each size drawings will be analyzed to determine if a larger paper medium encourages participants to provide more detail that allows us to better determine the perceptions they hold about science and science teaching

Naomi PoindexterNaomi Poindexter, Education and Curriculum 
Title: Experienced Teachers in Holocaust Education

Summary: The qualitative study seeks to understand how narrations of experienced Holocaust educators reveal the influence of their life history on their commitments and pedagogical choices.   Holocaust education introduces important discourse concerning social justice and promotes our compassionate societal interactions. The role of teachers is significant in sustaining Holocaust education. By studying why and how teachers sustain their engagement, despite difficulty, we can learn important lessons to improving teachers’ and the public commitment to Holocaust education. 

Lisa SeayLisa Seay, Educational Leadership
Title:  A Study on Discrepancies between Teacher Salaries  

Summary: This project is an extension of work in which Seay and her advisor, Dr. Lou Sabina, compared and contrasted teacher salaries in Southeastern Oklahoma to Northern Texas, and was presented at the National Educational Finance on February 16th, 2016.  During the fellowship, other states with similar considerable differences in salaries (such as Idaho/Oregon and West Virginia/Pennsylvania) will be compared, and the economic implications of such discrepancies will be analyzed.  

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